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Hair-Raising Halloween Recipes

Hair-Raising Halloween Recipes

With Halloween just a few short weeks away, I’m getting in the festive cooking mood. Last week, we brought you genius ideas for decorating your pumpkins this fall. This week I’m taking to the kitchen to share some of the best (quick and easy) Halloween food and drink recipes for your soiree.

Whether you’re planning on throwing the Halloween party to end all Halloween parties, or a casual get-together, you’re bound to find a ghoulish recipe that will put you and your guests in the spooky mood. I know you’re operating on an intern budget, so I’ve whipped up 7 budget friendly and super easy recipes that you can prepare in no time.


1. Zombie Punch Cocktail

Easy Halloween Recipes: zombie punchWith a name that includes ‘Zombie’, you know this drink is going to be blood red. Blood-orange juice, cherry soda and grenadine give this drink it’s bloody color. Add some vodka to give it a ghoulish kick and voila, you’ve got yourself some Halloween punch.

It’s a simple and super quick recipe to add a Halloween flare to your get together.

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Easy Halloween Recipes: halloween ghosts2. Ghostly Strawberry Goodies

A fun recipe that will add a little humor and ghostly flavor to your party. This recipe is super simple and will be ready 30 minutes. You only need 5 ingredients too.

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Easy Halloween Recipes: black devil martini

3. Devilish Martinis

Another Halloween tipple to add a little wickedness to your party. This black devil martini only needs 3 ingredients and will take 5 quick minutes to prepare. So you came make these and get right back to entertaining your guests.

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Easy Halloween Recipes: halloween snacks4. Halloween Snack Mix

Halloween recipes don’t get much easier than this super simple 5 minute snack mix. It’s stress free and can be easily mixed and matched to suit everyones taste.

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halloween recipes: sprinked oreos5. Spooky Sprinkled Oreos

A party isn’t a party without some Oreo’s now is it? Pick up some white chocolate, food coloring and a few sprinkles to add a spooky twist to America’s favorite treat.

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halloween recipes: spooky macarons6. Spell-Binding Macarons

Get creative and paint jack-o lantern and skeleton faces on you macarons.

For those of you who see yourself as the next Martha Stewart, you can make the macarons from scratch. I know macarons aren’t the easiest treat to master, so if you aren’t so good in the kitchen (or if you’re feeling a little on the lazy side) you can buy the macarons and draw on these creepy faces.

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Easy Halloween Recipes: mummy cake

7. The Mummy Cake

Ok so this one is not so quick and it’s not so easy! It’s definitely a recipe for the more seasoned pros (or the show-offs) out there. If you’re planning a Halloween gathering try your hand at making this coffin shaped cake with a mummy lying on top. It does take some time investment, but you’re friends will be majorly impressed with your kitchen skills.

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Halloween will be here before we know it, so get those aprons at the ready and get cooking!

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