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5 Space Saving Tips For Your Dorm
April 14, 2015
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Woodward here. I’m back with yet another mind numbing post Martha seems to think will make your life better. I’m all about helping you folks out, but I’d prefer to do it by putting my top notch reporting skills to good use and bringing you some breaking news.

I was sure bringing you my last two exposés – 6 Incredible Packing Hacks and 10 Best Life Hacks for Interns on a Budget – was more than enough? But apparently not!

If our so-called “editor” gets her way, and of course she always does, she’s insisting I present another puff piece to solve some of your space issues. Like it’s my problem or something?

Of course, she knows I’m a dab hand at living in small spaces. Living in dorms at college and here in DC obviously helped, but sometimes it just comes with the trade of being one of the leading upcoming reporters in DC. I just never know where I’ll be sent on my next assignment and what the accommodation (or lack of!) may be like.

In fairness, I probably do have one or two handy tips up my sleeve. Therefore, without further ado, I painfully present 5 space saving tips for your dorm.

1. Be Organized

Organization is the key to living in a small space. It’s pretty obvious that cleaning up your act and making sure all of your stuff is organized will help make any space more functional and easier to live in. But, when you are living in a small space, it’s essential!

Having a cluttered living space, especially when that space is small can cause some major stress issues, so get up, tidy up and make sure your small space is tidy.

2. Use Your Door Backs

Ok so space is an issue for you. This means you will need to make the most of every feature in your dorm room that you possibly can. The back of your doors is the perfect example. There are endless amounts of hooks and racks that can easily be hung over a door to free up space.

You can pick up many different types of shoe or coat racks for a really good price, so make them work for you. Make sure you use all of the doors in you dorm too. Obviously you can hang shoe or coat racks on your closet or bedroom doors, but don’t forget to use hooks on a bathroom door for your towels, or to hang a mirror on your closet door to free up some more floor space.

3. Mirrors

One of the best (and oldest!) tricks when it comes to making a small space look bigger is to add wall mirrors. Well-placed, oversized mirrors can work wonders in even the tiniest dorms, especially when it comes to reflecting more light to brighten up your room.

4. Hang Your Clothes

Hanging and storing your clothes verticality is the only way to make the most of your closet space. You can double or even triple your storage space and fit everything in your wardrobe with cascading hangers. If you want to be really thrifty, save your soda tabs and make your own. It’s such a genius tip!

5. Under Bed Storage

Last but by no means least, one of the best ways to make the most of your small space is to get maximum use from the space under your bed. To really save space, store your suitcases and other large items that you don’t need or use regularly under your bed. You could also store your shoes under your bed so they aren’t taking up too much of your treasured floor space.

I hope these space saving tips will make your dorm life a lot more spacious. I have no doubt they will be an immense help to you all. However, as always, I am committed to seeing my REAL journalism here on The WISHington Post, so please be sure to exercise your right to free speech and send our editor your comments. Enjoy your spacious living!