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6 Super Brilliant Websites to Find an Internship
August 30, 2016
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Ready to take charge of your next internship? Yes, Google can be overwhelming, but we’ve narrowed down the best and most efficient websites so you can do the research to find an internship that inspires you—and pumps up your resume.


Indeed.com is known to be one of the best job websites out there, and that holds true for internships as well. All you have to do is put in your desired job title, such as ‘marketing intern’, the city you want to work in and boom! Dozens of the most recent positions are available. To submit your resume, the simple Indeed file uploader and name field is all you need to get that job done.

2. The Muse

A newer kid on the block, The Muse, is sort of like having an industry insider friend to help you with your search. You can explore company cultures, search jobs and even get matched up with a coach! Their career advice blog is pretty awesome too. Plus – The Muse provides plenty of in-office photos so you can get a glimpse into what working in a particular organization would be like.

3. Intern Queen

Lauren Berger, AKA The Intern Queen is just that – a freakin’ boss when it comes to internships. She’s sassy, she’s smart and she knows all the ins and outs of living the life of an intern. She started her website in 2009 after interning 15 times, and wanted to bring more resources to those facing the same challenges. It’s easy to find a cool internship on the website, and her blog provides tons of helpful information.

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is extremely transparent about the companies listed. It provides company reviews (from interview reviews to employee reviews), average salaries per role, and an overall star rating of the company. It is advised to always look up an organization on Glassdoor to see how they measure up. Like The Muse, Glassdoor also provides many in and out-of-office photos.

5. LinkedIn

You didn’t think we’d leave LinkedIn out, did you? The largest professional social network available and a headhunters haunt, LinkedIn is a must when searching for a job. It’s also a great place to show off. Be sure to read our article on how to make a killer LinkedIn profile. A unique aspect of LinkedIn is that you are able to read up on people who work at the company you’re after, which is especially great for pre-interview preparations… (Knowing their background and personal interests gives you a big leg up.) Plus, recruiters can message you about any opportunities via LinkedIn, based on your qualifications. Snap to it and get on LinkedIn already!

6. Idealist

If you’re in the non-profit world and want to make a difference, you absolutely must check out Idealist. Focused on areas such as education, human rights, media and politics, (which umm….hello D.C. interns), the site provides more than 100,000 companies and WAY more positions from interns to senior roles. We even saw an internship in India, so if you have the travel bug, this site goes global.

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My story

On a personal note, I found my absolute favorite internship (and still one of my favorite jobs), by sending a simple email to a fitness blog I read regularly. I lucked out because I ended up getting an interview and a paid internship that lasted 9 months!

When you’re trying to find an internship, showing initiative and taking a chance never hurts.

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