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1. WISH is affordable for students, parents and schools!

2. WISH has the largest real estate portfolio of fully-furnished row houses, townhomes and apartments in the Nation’s Capital!

3. WISH features safe and active-student communities 24/7/365!

4. WISH partners with colleges and universities providing D.C. interns housing every semester!

5. WISH offers the Washington Intern Study Experience (WiSE), an integrated program of academic credit, internship experience, networking, and intern-focused community, extending every Florida school’s footprint throughout the Nation’s Capital!

6. WISH offers FREE weekly activities such as networking, speaker events, tours and more!

7. First day, interns are immediately plugged into WISH’s national network of alumni exceeding more than 30,000 former students and growing!

8. WISH alumni are on hand to mentor and guide WISH interns with not just career development, but also sharing their insider knowledge of Washington D.C.!

“The fact that WISH was able to help me realize my dream and bring me one step closer to my goals is something I am extremely grateful for.”

– Dina Awshah, University of South Florida

“Living with WISH has been a truly remarkable experience. They really helped me create the best memories during my time in D.C.”

–  Toran Davis, Florida A&M University

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