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EXCLUSIVE FOR WISH RESIDENTS: DC Model UN Training and Participation
September 7, 2017
D.C. Living Brings Appreciation for the Metro for WISH Intern

In partnership with the Osgood Center for International Studies, WISH presents an exceptional opportunity for WISH residents to participate in the DC Model UN program on November 3-5, 2017 at the Wardman Park Marriott.

The Osgood Center will provide 4 ninety-minute training sessions for WISH residents as a prelude to the DC Model UN conference, an annual event that attracts more than 1,000 stud

ents from the U.S. and abroad. Don’t miss this opportunity to network and gain valuable skills and to meet with graduate program representatives from across the U.S.

Cost: The cost is $255 per person: $125 for the mandatory training sessions and the $130 registration fee for the conference. WISH is providing a sponsorship for the first 5 WISH residents in the amount of $125 each towards the training and conference. Register TODAY!

Dates: Training sessions will be held on Thursday evenings at 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. at The Congressional Room 104 (small classroom) on the following dates: Sept. 21, Oct 5, Oct 19, and Nov. 2 (Nov. 2 in The Congressional Room 101). The Model UN is held on Friday-Sunday, November 3-5, 2017 at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, 2660 Woodley Road NW near the Woodley Park Metro Station.

How to Apply: Complete the registration form available at the WISH office or email business@internsdc.com and we can get you a registration form. Return the registration and a check for $125 made out to the Osgood Center for International Studies to the WISH office. Registration for the conference will be arranged closer to the event, and WISH will provide the sponsorship for the first five at that time.

GENERAL INFORMATION MEETING: September 13 @ 6:30 p.m. at The Congressional Room 101 (215 Constitution Ave NE). Free presentation by Osgood Center staff on what’s ahead for the training program.

Why Model UN?

Model UN is a simulation of the General Assembly of the United Nations. Students play the role of delegates from assigned countries and represent their views on international issues currently facing the global community. It is part of a tradition that is more than sixty years old. Model UN programs exist in hundreds of high schools and colleges around the world. If you are in D.C. and are missing your chance to be in your Model UN club or don’t have one on your campus, this is your chance to participate and gain the leadership experience, contacts, and expertise that will add to your resume and increase your skills. No previous experience is necessary to participate, but the training sessions will prepare you to be an effective delegate for your assigned country. Students from a diverse set of fields, including business, science, humanities and the arts, as well as the social sciences, often have an important perspective to add to the deliberations.

What are some activities and skills you will enhance?

• Your ability to engage in relevant discussions with experts on key issues in global affairs
• Your ability to articulate creative solutions to global problems
• Your ability to collaborate and negotiate with others
• Your writing, public speaking, leadership and research skills
• Your skills of listening and persuasion will be sharpened
• And more!

For more information on the Model UN training program, contact: Dr. Shelton Williams at swilliams@osgoodcenter.org
DC Model UN website: http://nmun.org/nmun_dc.html Osgood Center website: http://www.osgoodcenter.org