Using Your Internship Experience to Advance in the Workplace

By Kory Calhoun| March 1, 2019

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Young working professionals are all about making the most dollars they can at any chance. Of course, you will never start off making the max amount of dollars in your field straight out of college. However, there are steps that can be taken to get to that personal goal. Keep in mind that it will not happen overnight, but it will have you grow not just within your company, but with your inner self as well. If the above information alone isn’t compelling enough, we have compiled a list of reasons ways you could use your internship experience to advance in the workplace and your career.



  • In business, your reputation is the most valuable thing you own. Be known for being dependable, professional, and cooperative. Adding value to your colleagues’ work will deepen your relationship with them, as well as solidify you as a knowledgeable person in certain areas.
  • “What can I do to help?” It sounds simple enough, but if you mean it, it gives you the real opportunity to collaborate with people, offer your skills and/ or thoughts, or just be the person who listens. People who give their time and attention to other people are exponentially valued

Talk to your boss about your future in the company

  • One thing to keep in mind about any position you may endeavor or pursue is that it’s your career! There is no one more invested in your future than you. It would not be a wise move waiting for your manager or supervisor to enlighten you with his or her vision of your ideal next step. Rather, own up to the fact that neither your job establishment nor your manager will oversee your next step. You do.
  • As an employee, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses as to what they do best. Think about the things you perform well in and how that can propel you to be successful in your next role. Keep an archive of your key accomplishments and reflect on the distinct results you’ve produced for the organization.

Ask for more responsibilities

  • Complacency will not get you far in anything you ever pursue in life: whether that be for work or personal preference. Showing that you are not complacent will not only give you more value within the organization, but it will show fellow co-workers your determination to complete projects and a strong work ethic.
  • One of the factors that contributes to complacency is too much regularity routine. Mix up how you operate around the office on the regular. You can give your team the skills to become more self-aware and you can ask them to come to work with a determined mindset: keep in mind to be sure the system and structure around them support being present and mindful each day.

Strengthen your personal network

  • One big misconception that young professionals have is that it is not okay to venture outside your company while being currently employed. Now granted, this does not give you the right to abandon your work team and miss deadlines. But building your name and personal brand is a key component to your overall future success
  • Join professional organizations, attend industry conferences or even volunteer. The more people who are acquainted with your work ethic and abilities, the better your chances of hearing about any new opportunities that may arise. These are wise tactics that will do nothing but benefit you with anything you plan to do in your future. Taking these steps could open doors you never thought could be possible.
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