Networking Part 2: Social Media Job Hunting

By Emma Kate Sowder| November 19, 2019

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When it comes to networking and Social Media, or even job/internship searching, one of the best tools I have found is LinkedIn.

Social Media is a newer asset in networking and job hunting. However, it is one that can be revolutionary. Personally, I avoided using LinkedIn for a while. I saw it as a source for those who had taken more orthodox career paths like business, marketing, finance, etc. I did not see it as a good tool for someone looking to find a career path in Public Policy or on the Hill in DC. However, when I did finally make an account, I found that I was wrong.

LinkedIn makes it easier to reach out to peers in multiple settings and allows for connections with people you may have never thought you would form a lasting connection with. This includes a further connection with people you meet at events or inquiring about workplace culture for a potential job or internship and more. LinkedIn is a great resource used by the majority of professionals in DC and sometimes companies will even post job or internship openings on their accounts.

For me, LinkedIn has allowed me to chat with Ohio State Alumni I have met at events, which led to me meeting them for coffee, which later led to even more connections being made! It has also allowed me to get notifications when potential employers post a job, and it has even helped prospective future interns for my position to reach out to me to hear more about the position.

Overall, LinkedIn is a must-use resource for any young professional. It allows you to make and sustain connections professionally, rather than just a quick handshake and a goodbye after a coffee. It also allows you to update your followers and can be a great resource for keeping in touch with people after you leave your DC internship.

Networking is the key to opening the employment doors of DC! Meet with alumni, mentors, whoever you can talk to help guide you into the world of postgrad. LinkedIn is just one amazing tool that can help in this process.

Lastly, some LinkedIn Tips:

  • Make sure your account is public to non-LinkedIn members (I didn’t realize mine wasn’t until a few days ago!)
  • Choose a professional photo, like the one above or a headshot
  • Keep your account updated! You never know when the right person could be looking at it
  • Have publications linked and peers endorse your skills

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