Career Night on Capitol Hill

By Kory Calhoun| February 13, 2019

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With the semester now in full swing, students are starting to get adjusted and acquainted with the busy city life. During this time, events held by the WISH experience have helped students with this transition. Whether that be for professional development or social networking, students have been engaged in the weekly activities held for their post-work downtime. Thursday, February 7th was Career Night on Capitol Hill where former WISH Alum and former interns shared and reflected on their times as a new intern in a big city all with the same common goal – to land a full-time job. Luckily for all, it worked out exactly how they planned.

WISH residents used this time to observe and pick their brains on ways to fully get the most out of their internship experience: the dos and don’ts, things to avoid, things to watch out for, ways that made themselves stand out from the other interns, etc. Based on the interaction between the panel and students in attendance, WISH residents got keen information that would be helpful to them not only in their current place of employment but also in everyday life out in the “real world.”

Ezraya Drumgo, a current WISH resident from Albany University, shared her thoughts on what her biggest take was from the event.

“I would say the advice about negotiating your salary was very helpful,” Ezraya said. “It was something new and insightful. Definitely something I’m going to incorporate when I start looking for a full-time job.”

The panelist would take time after each question or even while they were speaking to allow the students to get any and every question they wanted answered right then. This allowed the event to be more conversational as opposed to Q&A.

WISH Alum, Steven Lucas, shared a few moments on his time here in Washington, DC and what positive things the WISH experience did for him as an intern.

“The WISH experience opened the door for me to be exposed to different career fields beyond what was presented to me coming from a small town,” said Steven. “It gave me the confidence to continue making dreams reality.”

His experience during his time with WISH was so eye-opening and beneficial that he doesn’t regret anything he may or may not have done. There is nothing he would have done differently if he did it all over again.

What got students most intrigued about career night was that it was filled with a panel that has done and went through exactly what every student is currently doing now. There is not a better group of people to get advice from that understands your exact situation first hand.

“Seeing how they navigate through similar situations as me made me feel more reassured about my internship and life after it,” Ezraya said. “It eased some of the worries I had about how to move forward in life after being an intern.”

The WISH experience is a once in a lifetime experience and one you would not regret as well. Apply now to one day share your story on how the WISH experience changed your life!

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