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WISH Expanding Its Housing Dominance in 2019, Enabling More Students to Pursue Their DC Intern Dreams

(WASHINGTON, DC) – For every college student who gets their dream internship in Washington DC, there are countless others unable to make the journey. One of the main obstacles preventing more students from interning in DC is the high cost of housing.  Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH) has given tens of thousands of interns a chance to make their dreams come true by offering the largest, safest and most affordable intern-only housing community in Washington DC. 

Tens of thousands of DC interns have called WISH their home. WISH is an intern only community offering over 30 rowhouses, townhomes and apartments in and around Capitol Hill to students from coast-to-coast, and around the globe.

“More than 25 years ago, WISH started by accident, when Marquette University asked their alumna, our founder for help.  They had DC bound interns who couldn’t find housing that was affordable and for only a semester.  Since then, WISH has become the largest, safest and most affordable intern-only housing community in Washington DC,” said Vice President of School Partnerships & Student Engagement.  “We’re excited to announce that in 2019, WISH will continue to expand its housing inventory.  When we grow, it means more students from all socio-economic backgrounds can afford housing in DC.”

For many WISH students, it’s the first time coming to Washington or a big city, which is exciting and scary for them and their parents. WISH averages roughly 2700 students a year, accommodating every socio-economic background resulting in a diversified community of DC interns.  Compared to other organizations, WISH’s housing costs per semester are lower and its more than just fully furnished housing.  WISH provides events weekly that foster professional development and social networking.  Not only does WISH provide housing, it is the source of forging relationships that last a lifetime.

At WISH students do not pay for space they are not using.  Private apartments, single occupancy bedrooms through quad-occupancy bedrooms are available.  This enables students from all socio-economic backgrounds to live in our nation’s capitol as we have spaces that fit any budgets.  If you are utilizing financial aid for school, WISH can help.  WISH offers easy payment plans that work within the timing of financial aid disbursements.

WISH partners with schools small or large.  Some schools have established programs that send their students on pre-determined semesters.  Then there are students from others schools that come on their own.  The result is a fantastic community that represents over 180 colleges and universities from all over the world every semester.

“Regardless of whether it’s fall, spring or summer, WISH is a melting pot of diversity that’s empowering our students; enabling them to achieve their internship, academic and ultimately, professional goals,” said VP.  “We may not be able to get you a room at the White House, but we’re darn close, and that’s very exciting to our students and their schools.”

About WISH:

For over 25 years, WISH has been the leading intern housing and residential life services provider in Washington DC. WISH works with Colleges and Universities around the world to provide thousands of DC interns student housing for the terms needed whether it be fall, spring, summer or all year.  Faculty housing, classrooms, conference rooms, and reception room are all available for WISH residents’ needs.  For more information go to

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