WISH Hosted a Farewell DC Interns Barbecue

By Kory Calhoun| May 3, 2019

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Say hello to the month of May and goodbye to the nation’s capital. The Spring 2019 semester has come to an end for student interns that have experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity working and networking on The Hill. As the students prepare for their travels back home, the WISH hosted a Farwell DC Inters Barbecue to reflect and highlight the great moments the students have experienced.

WISH photography intern, Amaya Mann, has been in DC since early January and has stated her experience here has been one of the best she’s ever had.

“Working for WISH has been a great experience and has changed my life for the better,” Amaya said. “Moving on the Hill from Havana, FL was a huge jump in the scenery, but I feel like I adjusted well to the city life and would love to further my career here. During my time here, I met amazing people along the way, and they’ve helped me to grow professionally for the better. I wouldn’t change a thing about how things have worked out for me.”

For current students that are still pursuing their degree’s, the Washington Intern Study Experience gave students the opportunity to earn college credits while working their internships. This has kept students on pace to their graduation time. Most college student’s dilemma about taking an internship away from their area or school is that they would have to take a full semester off from their studies. The WiSE program helps that problem.

Chico State senior Hessel Zwaagstra is studying public policy at his university in California. He thinks taking courses during his internship was helping and taught him a lot about himself as a student.

“With me graduating in May, taking the course while I did my internship with the House of Representatives was a major plus,” Hessel said. “It was helpful to me in the aspect of me staying busy. I never really had too much downtime, which I like, and I had to stay on top of my game. Besides, going to class 2 days out of the week isn’t so bad at all so I enjoyed the experience.”

With the spring intern group saying their final goodbyes and pack up luggage, the next round of interns starts moving in for summer session very soon. Compared to the semester-long Spring session, summer session usually only lasts 6-8 weeks.

Now WISH alum Raymond Acevedo from the University of California-Northridge says he enjoyed his stay here in DC with WISH and would not want it to be any different.

“The experience both living and working in DC was life-changing because I see there are a lot of opportunities, not just in LA,” Raymond said. “One thing I will tell the summer interns to do is limit your spending because the prices for eating out will cost your pockets. I learned to get a lot of snacks and things to cook at home instead of buying food every night. The weekend is your time to let loose but chilling during the week has to be a priority.”

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