D.C. Highlights Part 2

By Stephanie Delateur| July 19, 2019

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Because D.C. is full of activities and places to visit, I couldn’t possibly fit the other places I hadn’t seen into one post. Here is D.C Highlights Part 2 of the places I hadn’t seen in D.C.!

There are photos from different parts of the National Gallery of Art and the National Museum of American History I hadn’t seen yet, so the information for those museums is not included. Their information is in the first part of this series.

Ford’s Theater:

The section where Lincoln was killed. I hung out in the theater for a few minutes after people left and one of the workers turned on a spotlight. I decided to take a picture, and it turned out like this (photo by Stephanie Delateur).


A side view of the seats in the theater (photo by Stephanie Delateur).




The basement floor. No picture could be big enough to capture the amount of words written on the floor and the walls. There are messages written everywhere on this floor (photo by Stephanie Delateur).


Titanic Memorial:

The clouds were beautiful when I went (photo by Stephanie Delateur).


The area around the main statue has a great view of the water (photo by Stephanie Delateur).


Lincoln Memorial:

This photo doesn’t do justice to the columns of this memorial. They were enormous (photo by Stephanie Delateur).


A very zoomed in photo of Mr. Lincoln, staring into the unknown (photo by Stephanie Delateur).

A section of the National Museum of American History:

A massive and ornate clock (photo by Stephanie Delateur).


A close-up photo of the bottom part of the clock (photo by Stephanie Delateur).


A section of the National Gallery of Art:

A Flemish piece titled Agrippina and Germanicus, according to the plaque at the bottom of the picture (photo by Stephanie Delateur).


A Dutch piece called Bagpipe Player, according to the plaque at the bottom of the photo (photo by Stephanie Delateur).


If you are currently at a D.C. internship or will be at a D.C. internship in the future, the photos above are examples of what you can see in your spare time.


Information on museums:

511 10th St. NW Washington DC 20004

Tickets are $3 with and without access to the museum (see link below for more information)



Hirshhorn Museum:

7th St. SW and Independence Ave. SW Washington, DC 20560



Lincoln Memorial:

2 Lincoln Memorial Circle NW Washington, DC 20037



Titanic Memorial

371-499 P St. SW Washington, DC 20024 (according to the Maps app on iPhone)



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