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Companies Who Offer Totally Sensational Perks
June 21, 2016
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Today’s office lifestyle looks a whole lot more employee-friendly than in the olden days. (Except maybe for the men in Mad Men) Company perks like Ping Pong tables, masseuses, yoga rooms, free food and unlimited vacation time have replaced standard water coolers, vending machines and grey cubicles (or the good ones at least).

They want to attract talent and get that an amazing workstyle has to be part of people’s lifestyle. When you’re ready to start your career full time, or just intern at a really cool office, here are companies with the most sensational perks around:

Zappos: perks from bistros to Ping-Pong

Las Vegas, NV

This popular shoe e-commerce steps up the game with:

  • A bistro coffee shop
  • yoga studio and nap room
  • gym
  • backyard
  • rooftop deck
  • hammocks
  • Ping-Pong room
  • a beach-themed conference room
  • “penthouse” co-working spaces
  • touch-screen video games in the elevators

Whew! We’re exhausted just naming it off (but super impressed)!

Grasshopper: flexible hours and flexible bodies

Needham, MA

Because the company is all about helping small businesses grow, they want their employees to be healthy and happy. Extra awesome benefits include:

  • flexible hours
  • profit sharing
  • wellness reimbursements
  • a game room
  • free snacks and incredible lunch credits
  • phone reimbursements
  • half-day Fridays and “December hours”
  • complimentary yoga classes
  • and beer trains (beer trains?)

Oh, and did we mention Grasshopper also provided Uggs for all of their employees during the chilly season? Are you warming up to apply?

Google: yup, there is a free ride

Mountain View, CA

C’mon, you knew this would make the list, right? The benefits for Google employees seem endless, so here are a few favorites from the Google staff reported from Quora:

  • endless gourmet food and snacks (with coffee and juice bars scattered throughout campus)
  • the ability to work with incredibly smart people
  • being exposed to the newest technology
  • 24/7 tech support
  • free rides to and from work with tech bus shuttles (Wi-Fi enabled of course)
  • a dog-friendly office
  • 18-week maternity leave for moms and 6 weeks for dads
  • incredible death benefits
  • free fitness and gym classes
  • scooters galore

Search no more.


San Francisco, CA

Movie buff? You never have to pay for a movie ticket again. This innovative company changed the way we hear things. Their San Francisco and London offices offer the chance for employees to see the latest big-screen movies inside their state-of-the-art screening rooms. Add to that:

  • an annual winter vacation
  • biweekly free Fridays
  • the option of working from home (Do we hear a loud cheer?)

However, when you’re in office, you get to enjoy the exposed brick, high ceilings and enormous kitchen (with the world’s best espresso machine—or so they claim).

Airbnb: travel the world

San Francisco, CA

Voted ‘Best Place to Work’ in 2016 by Glassdoor, this company gives an annual $2,000 stipend to every employee in Airbnb cash in order to travel the world, provided it’s an Airbnb listing. Add to that, you’ll be working in a gorgeous office in the City by the Bay, where much of the architecture was designed after actual Airbnb Rentals. Travel junkies, buy a ticket to this job.

Facebook: born to succeed as parents and lots of free food

Menlo Park, CA

If you’re planning on having a baby anytime soon, or may want to down the line, you’ve come to the right place. Facebook gives new parents $4,000 in baby expenses when a child is born and $3,000 a year for babysitting, as well as 4 months of paid time off during any time of the first year the child is born.

Other awesome perks include:

  • free communal bikes on campus
  • a bicycle repair shop
  • free computer accessory vending machines (for if you forgot your charger)
  • IT help desks in every building
  • stand-up desks
  • the ability to write on the walls (guess we never get over that one!)
  • a candy and ice cream shop
  • an amazing café
  • micro-kitchens
  • an onsite barbershop
  • an onsite video arcade
  • suit and tie not required

Ready, set, apply! Take advantage of companies who know how to attract and keep talent with sensational perks!