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Cheat Sheet: Where Hillary and Trump Stand on the Issues
December 19, 2019

The Final Days of the campaign are here. In exactly 2 weeks, the country will elect a new president. Just in case you missed any of the debates, need a quick recap before casting your vote, or have been exploring Antarctica, here’s a quick cheat sheet on where Hillary and Trump stand on the major issues.

Hillary Clinton

Immigration: Pledged not to deport any illegal immigrants except for violent criminals and terrorists.

“We need comprehensive immigration reform with a path to full and equal citizenship.”

Gun Control: For it. “33,000 Americans die a year from guns. It is time for us to say we are going to have comprehensive background checks, we are going to close the gun show loopholes.”

Abortion: Pro-choice. “I believe we need to protect access to safe and legal abortion, not just in principle but in practice.”

Social Security: Keep it.

Dogs: Likes them a lot.

LGBT rights: For it. For same-sex marriage.

“No future generation of LGBT Americans should live in a country that doesn’t embrace their full and equal rights.”

War on Terror: Eliminate certain spending. Against increasing militia in Syria. “A more effective air campaign is necessary but not sufficient. We should be honest that to be successful, airstrikes will have to be combined with ground forces.”

Energy/Environment: Believes in climate change and that offshore drilling should be banned.

“I won’t let anyone take us backward, deny our economy the benefits of harnessing a clean energy future, or force our children to endure the catastrophe that would result from unchecked climate change.

Economy: Believes minimum wage should be raised and to raise taxes on wealthy Americans.

“Good-paying jobs and raising incomes is the defining economic challenge of our time, and that in order to get where I want us to go, we need growth that is strong, fair, and long-term.”

Healthcare: Believes Obamacare shouldn’t be replaced but improved. “Affordable health care is a basic human right.”

Education: Believes there should be a moratorium to student debt. “I want everyone to be able to refinance your student loans so you never have to pay more than you can afford.”


Donald Trump

Immigration: Wants to build a wall on the Mexican/US border.

“We’re going to do a wall. We’re going to have a big, fat beautiful door on the wall. We’re going to have people come in, but they’re going to come in legally. Mexico’s going to pay for the wall.”

Gun control: Against it. “The right of self-defense doesn’t stop at the end of your driveway. That’s why I have a concealed-carry permit and why tens of millions of Americans do, too. That permit should be valid in all 50 states.”

Abortion: Pro-life, except in case of rape, incest and life of mother. “Friends of mine years ago were going to be aborted. And it wasn’t aborted. And that child today is a total superstar, a great, great child. And I saw that. And I saw other instances.”

Social Security: Keep.

Dogs: Not sure, he’ll keep us in suspense, OK?

LGBT rights: For it. Against same-sex marriage.

“I live in New York. I know many, many gay people. Tremendous people.”

War on terror: View is to increase militia spending. “I would knock the hell out of ISIS in some form. I would rather not do it with our troops, you understand that.”

Energy/Environment: Doesn’t believe in climate change. Doesn’t think offshore drilling should be banned.

“This very expensive global warming bullshit has to stop.”

Economy: Doesn’t believe in raising minimum wage. “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created. I tell you that.”

Healthcare: Believes Obamacare should be repealed.

“We are going to appeal Obamacare. We are going to replace Obamacare with something so much better.”

Education: Wants to implement extensions and lower interest rates for student loans. “I’m a tremendous believer in education, but education has to be at a local level.”

Every election gives us choices of candidates with different opinions, styles and credentials. Whatever you decide, go for it at the polls. Every person has the same number of votes, so use yours!