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Beyond the National Gallery: Local Artists of DC
December 24, 2019

By Jacqueline Kay    August 5, 2014

One thing that separates the District from many other major American cities (aside from being the Nation’s Capital, of course) is the vitality of its invigorating art scene. From awe inspiring art galleries and museums, to abundant offerings of the performing arts, DC has it all, and then some. In fact, some of the greatest art galleries in the country can be found right here in our own Dupont Circle.

But if you’ve tired of the same high-end galleries weekend after weekend, there are homegrown talents here that make up the vibrant heart of DC’s ever-changing landscape.

Here are three specific events where you can really taste the flavor of what the district’s virtuosos have to offer.

Phillips Afters 5

1. First Fridays Dupont

First Fridays are a longstanding Dupont Circle tradition, where many art galleries extend their hours and serve complimentary wine on the first Friday evening of every month. It’s the perfect way to connect with modern and contemporary art with a special emphasis on local and up and coming artists. It’s held every month from 6-8 p.m. To check out a listing of participating galleries, visit firstfridaydupont.org.

2. Phillips After 5

If your Fridays are otherwise spoken for thanks to opera tickets or dinner reservations with a lovely company (as mine often are), carve out a Thursday evening and venture towards The Phillips Collection. Located near Dupont Circle, Phillips After 5 events are held on the first Thursday of each month, featuring live jazz music, a cash bar and themed gallery talks. There are also Sunday evening concerts from October through May in case you want a nice quiet sanctuary to decompress after a long business brunch or garden party. 

3.  The Pink Line Project

This is most certainly my prime resource  for information on DC artists, galleries and exhibitions.

The Pink Line Project’s website reads: “We want to change the way people view DC, both residents and visitors. DC is more than just institutions and politics; it’s filled with amazing people doing amazingly creative things using art, technology, and good-old fashioned ingenuity.”

I proudly subscribe to their weekly newsletter to get the 411 on all the latest goings-on. If you’re an art aficionado, then you’d benefit by getting their newsletter as well.  Pinklineproject.com has all the details.


Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, you MUST take advantage of these incredible arts and culture resources. It’s a great way to connect, mingle and to get acquainted with the town.

DC is growing by leaps and bounds, and its art scene reflects this vibrancy in the most exquisite way.

So, my darling readership, I hope to see you on Dupont Circle this Friday! Feel free to say “hello”  – we musn’t be timid.  I’ll be the one in the Kate Spade pumps and Holsten pillbox drinking exclusively Chardonnay.