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The Best Organizational Apps for Busy Interns

‘sup esteemed readership. (Martha says I have to start calling you that.)

So it’s the New Year, and if you read our last post, you know that my resolution is all about getting my life organized and on track.  I tried the same thing last year to obviously less-than-killer results.  But this year, I’ve got a secret weapon: phone stuff.

A Total Space Cadet’s Guide to the Best Organizational Apps

easilydo011.)    EasilyDo (iPhone, Android, Free)

A to-do list is the obvi first thing on my list.  EasilyDo hooks up to your email and Facebook to keep your “to-do” list all in one place. RSVPing, Birthdays, appointments, you name it.  It’s also got a rad feature where you can add people who recently emailed you to your contacts.  Never again will I go searching through my email for that one dude’s info. (Oh, and it also sometimes has awesome coupons and deals. A to-do list that comes with free pizza is the stuff dreams are made of.)

rescuetime2.)    RescueTime (PC, Mac, Free)

So this app’s called “RescueTime”, but I call it “woah, I’m a terrible person who spends way too much time on Youtube”. RescueTime tells you exactly how you’re spending time on your computer.  It also blocks distracting websites for certain periods of time so you can actually get stuff done.  It’s amazing.  I’m literally going to block EVERYTHING for like, FOREVER.

mintbills3.)    MintBills (iPhone, Android, Free)

So if you’re like me, budgeting and bill paying is a big “oh snap, shoulda done that”.  MintBills is an app that keeps all your bills and accounts in one place, and lets you see your financial situation realistically.  (Which is a huge bummer in my case, but most def a necessary bummer).  It’ll remind you when your bills are due, and helps you pay them right on your phone.


So that’s that.  My secret weapons to staying organized this year.  I’m downloading them all soon as I find my phone charger.  And my phone.  Which I think is back at Chester’s.  Or at the club.  Or under my bed.  Or in the back of that cab. It’s unclear.

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