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Best Eats In DC: The Good, The Cheap And The Downright Sweet!

Best Eats in DC: The Good, The Cheap and The Downright Sweet!

Looking for best hidden gems Washington DC has to offer when it comes to cuisine? That’s a tough one. The food scene in DC is good, and I mean really good. There’s something to suit every budget too. Whether it’s an intern budget friendly deli or a restaurant more suitable for when your parents are visiting (and paying the check!).

Just so you don’t have to live on microwave dinners and beans on toast for the next 3 months, I’ve rounded up a list of 36 of DC’s best food joints that will satisfy both your savory and sweet tooth. And they won’t break the bank either. Some of these places even have a student discount, so be sure to always ask. You never know where flashing that student ID can lead to you saving those precious dollars in DC.

In alphabetical order, here’s a list of some of the best eats in DC… just click the name for some more info and deets.


  1. best eats in dc - pizza&Pizza 
  2. Amsterdam Falafel Shop 
  3. Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken
  4. Baked and Wired
  5. Ben’s Chilli Bowl
  6. Bob’s 66 Shanghai
  7. Boundary Stone 
  8. Bub and Pop’s 
  9. CapMac Food Truck 
  10. Chix 
  11. Dangerously Delicious Pies
  12. District Taco
  13. El Fuego Food Truck
  14. best eats in dc - tacosFar East Taco Grille
  15. Flavors of India
  16. FoBoGro
  17. Judy Restaurant DC
  18. Juice Joint Cafe
  19. Julia’s Empanada’s
  20. Jumbo Slice Pizza
  21. Mandu
  22. Nando’s
  23. New Dynasty
  24. Pho Viet
  25. Protein Bar
  26. Pupatella
  27. Surfside
  28. Taco Bamba
  29. Takorean
  30. best eats in dc - bagelTed’s Bulletin
  31. Tortilla Cafe
  32. Sakuramen
  33. Suki Asia
  34. SundeVich
  35. vFalafel
  36. Wagshal’s Deli

Anyone up for trying out all 36 before the semester ends? I’ll come along too…

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