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Be Way More Creative Than This Title
December 26, 2019
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Making Social Media Work For You

Social media is as ubiquitous as oxygen nowadays, and some would say just as necessary. Although breathing might be a tad more important (arguably). And as a recent grad, you’ve been around it your entire life. But did you know that, according to Forbes Magazine, 37% of employers actively employ social media to screen prospective candidates?

Jillian Huesler, a project manager at an advertising agency in New York City, even went as far as saying “One of the first things I ask in an interview is how large their social networks are.” They do this as a way to see if the applicant fits their corporate culture. This is why it’s important to describe your social media platforms in a way that reflects you in a positive way.

So, here are three ways you can make your social media footprint not only look good, but – more importantly – show potential employers how you can make it work for THEM; which is the hallmark of any good resume.

KloutShow Your Klout

Place a heading just beneath your name and contact info on your resume, and then use this heading to describe your social media profiles in a way that’s succinct. For example, you might include “Web Presence,” “Social Media Sites,” or “About Me”. And if you have a Klout score, it might be a good idea to post it here. You’re not trying to show that you’re the King or Queen of all Media, but you do want to show that you have a good online presence that’s professional and could be beneficial to the company. Stating the obvious, remove any pictures of you partying, drinking or otherwise not looking professional.


Embedding social media links from a previous employer that you contributed to directly is a GREAT way to show what you can do for a prospective employer. For example, if you were the administrator of your previous company’s Facebook page or product page, or used Twitter as a way to raise awareness of a brand and generate conversation, post those links along with a description of the company in the work experience section of your resume. Include a brief description as well, such as “My Twitter Contribution”.

A perfect example of this is during a recent Sony PlayStation Brand Ambassador Program, the reps had to provide screenshots to their program manager of the Facebook and Twitter posts they made during the week that promoted the brand and generated buzz.

Insert Your Creative Subtitle Here
imaginative resume

Employers always appreciate it when someone puts a little extra love and care into their resume. Randi Zuckerburg, a hiring manager, said that “since 1 in 6 job seekers find their jobs through social media sites, it’s interesting how few people use social media in novel ways.” He also said that there were numerous instances where he brought someone in for an interview specifically because of the creativity they put into their resume.

Some great examples of this include:

  • Phillipe Dubost, a web product manager, actually modeled his resume after an Amazon product listing, complete with reviews and “product information.” He even listed “Only 1 left in stock” as the kicker.
  • Dawn Siff, an aspiring journalist, created a Vine video resume titled “Why you should hire me in 6 seconds.” It got people’s attention and went viral very quickly.
  • One recent grad made his resume look like Google Maps, where he took the reader through his home, university and previous places of employment, complete with links to learn more info.

These are all great ways to get an employer’s attention because they show not only creativity and thought, but social media savvy.

In this day and age, everyone uses social media, but not everyone knows how to use it in a way to land their dream job. As a recent grad, you already have the built-in tools to do this because you have the unique advantage of having been born into it, which gives you an inherent advantage over your competition. So, even though social media continues to make the world – and the job market – smaller, using it in unique ways can help make sure YOUR world continues to expand your future. Make your social network one for success.