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Housing Application Form

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this housing application form and we will get in touch with you shortly. Please indicate N/A if a field is not applicable to you.

  • (Not Family) With Email, Phone, Address
  • Bedroom-occupancy, Apartment, Townhouse, Studio, etc.
  • Please refer to this page for semester beginning and ending semester dates.
  • School, Referral, WISH Ambassador, Online, etc.
  • For those using PayPal, our acceptance email will include a link to PayPal to pay your deposit of $500, plus a $20 online convenience fee. This deposit secures your space so that we do not offer it to any other applicants. For applicants using another payment method, WISH will send you instructions for your preferred payment method.
  • Residential Life and Housing Services License Agreement

    Residential Life and Housing Services License Agreement Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH) enters into this Housing License Agreement (hereinafter "license agreement") with student (hereinafter "student"). This license agreement is effective as of the date signed by the student and when the WISH office receives application.
    1. GENERAL:The purpose of this license agreement is to establish certain financial and other relationships between WISH and students occupying WISH properties. This document shall constitute only a license and shall not be deemed to constitute a lease or to create or transfer interest or a lien on real estate. WISH reserves the right to terminate the license agreement at its discretion. The relationship between WISH and student shall be subject to the terms and conditions in this license agreement.
    1. OCCUPANCY OF SPACE:Student has a right of occupancy in and access to a space in the assigned WISH property; shared use of common facilities in the property in which the space is located; and use of bed, mattress, linens [except towels and sheets], blinds and dresser, to be furnished by WISH. The space assignment, with its applicable rate, will be made later by WISH accordance with paragraph 3, and will be set forth on a form to be furnished to student which will become a part of, and be deemed incorporated in, this license agreement. The term of this license agreement will be shown on the assignment as specified above. The term will be the period of time covered by the summer and fall and/or spring semesters, subject to other terms of this license agreement.
    1. SPACE ASSIGNMENT:WISH RESERVES ALL RIGHTS CONCERNING ASSIGNMENT, REASSIGNMENT AND ADJUSTMENTS IN ACCOMMODATIONS IT MAY CONSIDER NECESSARY. Students may move into their designated spaces on the dates specified by WISH. WISH reserves the right to consolidate student space as it sees fit. Consolidation refers to reassigning students without roommates together to create more assignment options.
    1. CANCELLATION PRIOR TO OCCUPANCY:Any student who wishes to cancel this license agreement must do so by written notice received by WISH not later than 30 days prior to occupancy. If notice of cancellation is received less than 30 days prior to semester start date, regardless of student's application date, a charge of 50% of the semester's space fee will be assessed regardless if the space was actually moved into. [50% of the housing charges will be cancelled.]
    2. TERMINATION:This license agreement may be terminated in the following manner:
    A. Disciplinary Actions:If a student violates any of the terms and conditions of this license agreement, the student may be given written notice by WISH that the license agreement has been terminated and to vacate WISH property. B. Student Behavior:If student exhibits behavior or mode of living by which, in the judgment of the Manager of WISH, it would be in the best interest of the student, other residents, or the WISH community for the student to leave the WISH property, then this license agreement may be terminated unilaterally by WISH upon due notice (as defined by the Manager of WISH), and a cancellation of space charges may be made. C. Failure To Vacate Spaces:If the license agreement is terminated as provided in A or B above, student must vacate the space on the effective date of termination. Upon student's failure to take all summary action to vacate, WISH shall be entitled to immediate possession of the space and the secure possession without any other or further irrevocably authorized on behalf of student to remove and to store student's belongings without any liability on the part of WISH for damage or loss. In that event, WISH will make no charge for the first three week's storage; but thereafter storage charges shall accrue at the rate of fifty dollars ($50.00) per week for the next five (5) weeks; and at the end of this eight (8) week period WISH is irrevocably authorized on behalf of student to dispose of these belongings in any manner which it shall see fit without any obligation to make payment of any kind to student resulting from such disposition, damage or loss. In connection with disposition of such property by WISH, it is expressly agreed by student that as a condition of this license agreement the value of student's belongings is one hundred dollar ($100.00) or less. D. Notice to Student:Unless otherwise provided, WISH may terminate the license agreement by providing such notice to the student by registered mail or certified to the student at the student's address, or by hand delivery to the student. E. Future Housing Obligations:A student whose license agreement has been terminated may be refused assignment of housing at a later date.
    1. STUDENT OCCUPANCY OF SPACE:Only the student bound by the terms of the license agreement may occupy the space assigned to the student by WISH. Student is prohibited from assigning his/her rights or responsibilities under this license agreement to a third party. The provisions of this paragraph shall not prevent WISH, however, from reassigning, re-licensing, or taking any other action permitted on termination of this license agreement under the provisions of Paragraph 6, or otherwise noted.
    1. JOINT RESPONSIBILITY:If the space is assigned to more than one student, each shall be responsible for his/her own housing payments; but all shall be responsible jointly and severally for such damage beyond reasonable wear and tear, and cost of repairs may be assessed.
    1. CARE AND USE OF SPACE:Student shall use the space exclusively as lodging.
    1. MAINTENANCE:Occupants must resolve any housing issues with management using the procedures outlined in the WISH Resident Handbook and documents. WISH will defend its reputation regarding online commentary that is false, misleading or disparaging. If untrue or misleading remarks appear online in any form from a WISH resident, that resident will forfeit their security deposit and be asked to leave WISH housing.
    STUDENT SHALL: A. Care of Space:Take care of the space and surrender the same at the end of term of license agreement in good order and in as good condition as received, reasonable wear and tear accepted. To insure that proper care is being taken of the space, WISH authorized agents and employees shall have the right after having first given reasonable notice, to enter and/ or to inspect the space from time to time, provided, however, that such entry for purposes of inspection, except in case of emergency, shall be made at reasonable times. Notice having been posted and /or given, rooms may be entered for inspection by WISH authorized agents and employees only, whether or not student-occupants are present. B. Compliance:Conform and comply with all laws, regulations and ordinances of the District of Columbia and the United States of America. C. WISH Regulations:Abide by WISH policy and the regulations for student conduct in WISH property; and those regulations set forth in WISH brochures and notices, including WISH regulations concerning alcohol, smoking and illegal drugs policies; all of which are made a part and specifically incorporated into this license agreement. D. Liability:Save and hold harmless, indemnify and defend WISH, its agents, employees, and subcontractors from and against any liability to student of his/her invitees and guests resulting from property damage or personal injuries sustained by them in the space, except where such property damage suffered or personal injuries to student of his/ her invitees and guests result directly from negligent acts of WISH agents or employees. STUDENTS SHALL NOT: E. Violation:Violate published rules governing WISH property, nor use the space for any disorderly purpose, or in such manner as to interfere with the rights of other students in their academic pursuits. Violations of WISH published regulations or the rules governing WISH property, as set forth in the provisions of this license agreement, may subject student to immediate relocation or expulsion. F. Damages:Damage the space or furnishings (including common areas), aside from reasonable wear and tear. If such loss or damage does occur student will be billed for repair or replacement costs. In the event of willful and/or reckless damage to common areas readily accessible to student (and/or to the furnishings and facilities located therein), and in the event the responsible individuals of such damage cannot be identified, all resident students who can readily access such common areas will be assessed for such repair and/or replacement costs. G. MAINTENANCE OF SPACE AND ACCESS:Owners shall provide for general maintenance and upkeep of the space. Maintenance will be done on schedules developed by owners. Between semesters, students shall inform maintenance staff of any special maintenance or repairs required. A maintenance or repair request operates as a waiver of any entry notice requirement to student, provided, however, that entry for the purpose of making requested repairs or alterations shall be at reasonable times. Maintenance staff will take care of such item as rapidly as can be accomplished. It is usually not possible to give a precise time when such maintenance or repairs can be completed. H. SERVICE AND UTILITIES: WISH maintains limited common cooking facilities (provided, however, that student maintains sanitary conditions), and laundry facilities for student use. WISH shall also provide electricity, heat during cold seasons, cooling during warm seasons, hot and cold water, and shared sanitary facilities, all as adequate and necessary in the judgment of WISH's agents. WISH shall not be responsible for failure to provide these services for any reasonable period of time if and when such failures are caused by accidents, riots, strikes, sources shortages, or any other conditions beyond WISH control, or unless the failure is caused by and results from the negligence of the WISH agents or employees. Any unauthorized tampering with internet equipment and any unauthorized telephone usage may result in discontinuation of service and any charges incurred by WISH due to such unauthorized usage shall be billed to the resident.
    1. ALTERATIONS, FIRE HAZARDS, WASTE:Student shall not make any material alterations in the space without express written permission from the Manager of WISH; shall not damage nor permit the damage of any part of the space; shall not do or permit the doing of anything that shall constitute a fire of health hazard; and shall not permit the accumulation of waste and refuse with the space. Violation of these terms and conditions by student may be considered sufficient reason for disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, dismissal from WISH property.
    1. DAMAGES TO PROPERTY OR PERSONS:WISH shall not be liable for any loss or damages to property resulting from fire, theft, casualty or any cause, or personal injuries occurring within the space, unless such damages, losses or personal injuries are caused directly by or result from the proven negligence of WISH agents or employees. Students are advised to carry a "homeowners" insurance policy for their personal property, or have their parent's / guardian's insurance policy extended to their WISH residence.
    1. LOST OR NON-RETURNED KEYS:A seventy-five dollar ($75.00) charge will be made for non-returned or lost keys or fob keySuch charges may be assessed at any time during the student's residence.
    1. SPACE CLEARANCE PROCEDURE:When leaving the WISH property at the end of the summer/semester, student agrees to check out officially with WISH and to turn in the key(s) AT THE TIME OF CHECK-OUT. Charges for non-returned keys are as noted above in section 14. Student also agrees to leave his/ her space "broom clean" at the time of CHECK- OUT; and if upon inspection by WISH staff at or about time of CHECK-OUT, it is determined that the vacated space is not in "broom clean" condition, student agrees to pay WISH a one hundred dollar ($100.00) cleaning service charge. When applicable, a refund of housing charges will date from the CHECK-OUT time.
    1. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY HOUSING PROVIDER: WISH complies with federal and District of Columbia fair housing laws, including the District of Columbia Human Rights Act, as an equal opportunity housing provider. If you require a reasonable accommodation for a disability, please send a written request to
    1. MOTOR VEHICLES:WISH encourages students not to bring motor vehicles to the Washington area. For those who do bring motor vehicles, WISH can provide a very limited number of parking spaces that can be rented at prevailing rates through the WISH office.
    2. GOVERNING LAW: This license agreement shall be governed by the laws of the District of Columbia.
    COVID-19 Addendum to WISH’s Residential Life and Housing Services License Agreement and Security Deposit Checklist You (Resident) (i) understands that as a temporary resident in Washington, D.C., you are subject to the Executive Orders issued by the Mayor of the District of Columbia (Mayor’s Orders), including, without limitation, the “Stay at Home” order, (ii) will keep apprised of the Mayor’s Orders, any new orders and any amendments to any existing Mayor’s Orders, (iii) will comply with the Mayor’s Orders, as such orders may be amended, including, without limitation, Social Distancing requirements, (iv) will report any symptoms of sickness to WISH and your Program Director or school contact and promptly seek appropriate medical attention, (v) if you become sick or infected with COVID-19, you agree to comply with District of Columbia, Federal or your health provider’s requirements or guidelines with respect to self-care and quarantine and the terms of your Sickness Protocol. You are responsible for promptly complying with medical advice or treatment, including any advice or requirement to self-isolate, quarantine or any adopt any other health measures. You further understand and agree that WISH’s Resident Handbook, Rules, Policies and Procedures may be changed, amended, revised or modified from time to time and such resident agrees to comply with such changes, amendments or modifications (collectively, “Changes”). In the event of any conflict between WISH’s Resident Handbook, Rules, Policies and Procedures and any changes, amendments or modifications thereto, such Changes shall govern and control. Changes to WISH’s Rules can found at or by contacting WISH. If you violate or breach any of WISH’s Rules or your Housing License Agreement, in addition to any rights or remedies that WISH may have, you assume the risk of any damage, loss, cost or expense arising out of such violation or breach. Resident hereby, on behalf of itself and the resident's heirs, executors, administrators, guests and assigns, fully and forever releases and discharges WISH, its officers employees, officers, partners, affiliates, agents, contractors and vendors (collectively, “WISH Parties”), and each of them, from any and all claims, damages (including, without limitation, actual, incidental and consequential damages), demands, rights of action or causes of action, present or future, known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated (collectively, “Claims”) resulting from or arising out of (a) any exposure or potential exposure to any infectious pathogen, including, without limitation, the coronavirus, (b) fire, explosion, falling plaster, escaping steam or gas, electricity, water, rain or snow, or leaks from any part of the building or from any pipes, appliances or plumbing, or from dampness; or (c) other residents, occupants or persons in the apartment unit or in the building, including those Claims which arise out of the negligence of the WISH Parties or any of them. The provisions of this Addendum modify your Housing License Agreement and Security Deposit Checklist and in the event of any conflict between this Addendum and your Housing License Agreement or Security Deposit Checklist, this Addendum shall control.
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