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A Soldier Intern Goes to Washington
January 31, 2020
A Soldier Intern Goes to Washington

My name is Liliana Santana and I am attending Liberty University as the first soldier intern participating in our Washington Fellowship. The internship coordinator at my university has walked me every step of the way through my process. I was originally a game programmer and designer, which has created a portfolio for my animation and coding skills. In my spare time, I created another portfolio with my photography. I love taking photos. While I am on my daily run, I gain many of my photos from where I go, always crossing a road. I find even street artworks are intriguing along with the seasons changing in singular spots.

Right now, I am taking a break from my coding and maybe switching back into disciplinary later so I can gain both degrees for IT and Graphics Design. I want to be an animator for Pixar animation. Some of my favorite engines consist of Maya, Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, and Houdini. I worked on all platforms but, have taken a break from them. I love working with imagination instead of following a style. Being able to express my love for plants and animals is some of the components you will witness in my portfolios including seeing kid like games. While I came to Washington D.C. I am gaining experience with graphic design and photography. One of my many other goals is to gain a black pass and IT for cybersecurity here in the city at least once. As of now, they have started background checking on me and I can’t imagine what it would be like compared to my interview with the Colonel at MEPS.

Soldier Inter Washington

While I intern at WISH, I am to view Congress, Senate, legislation, tour, and create memories for every person I meet and myself. My goal here is to help all the new interns at WISH understand what it is like to live in Washington D.C. as an insider.

WISH provides stoves for us, trash cans, beds, dishes, closets and the coziest living that reminds me of home. I love it here. My room came with a T.V. for my housing and I get free WiFi. We are living in the center of the Capitol where all the magic happens. I get to sit in on hearings, make history, tour the museums, see the guard of the tomb, and speak mandarin in Chinatown.

WISH is the most affordable intern housing to attend. As a soldier, I truly believe it is housing friendly to me. I get to run into other soldiers in Senate hearings and be a part of the armed forces committee, which is fun. I get to see things that soldiers don’t witness. My hopes are to find a place like this when my internship is complete and that I am successful in everything I do. And I hope that other students find out that they can make their wishes come true!