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A Letter from the Editor

This summer, I am interning in Washington D.C., working for a totally stimulating, dense and important magazine nobody’s ever heard of. While I could spend my time here in DC fetching coffee and waiting for “the system” to notice me, instead, I, Martha Warrington, choose to embrace a piece of advice my personal hero bestowed upon me.

Mr. John Paul Wonder is a genius journalist, and the shining star at The Marmakaukis Statesman in Marmakaukis, Ohio, my hometown of mostly corn farmers. I’m sure you’ve at least heard of his work – his story about the seventeen-year-old The-Editor-in-ChiefBasset Hound that died falling into an empty pool received significant national attention!

My obsession with the news began there, when Mr. Wonder took me under his wing. I must have slipped him a dozen of my articles, and he must have read at least 1 of them. After I snuck him yet another of my op-ed pieces disguised as a coaster, Mr. Wonder put his coffee on it and graced me with this guidance: “Y’know, you should start a blog.”


Welcome to The WISHington Post!

I’ve gathered 11 of the sharpest DC interns to bring you the freshest news from Washington – by interns for interns.

Our columnists are obsessed with sharing their stories on:
1. Launching a stellar career
2. Networking like a champ
3. Getting the most out of your internship
4. Crazy fun social events that I’ll probably be too busy to attend
5. High Culture (The theatre, the arts—wherever they’re handing out free champagne.)
6. Low Culture! (The music and movies you pretend not to like.)
7. DC News and Happenings
8. Volunteer Opportunities
9. Politics and Election Buzz
10. And some “I wish I knew back when” advice straight from WISH alumni!

Look for us on Facebook and Twitter, where we’ll be writing tidbits, and be sure to read The WISHington Post every week! We welcome YOUR ideas too, so don’t be shy!





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