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8 Amazing Buddy Date Ideas in DC
April 12, 2016

Your internship in DC may be coming to an end, but the friendships you’ve made can last a lifetime! Before you pack up your suitcase, grab your buddies (or your girlfriend/boyfriend) and spend it with them away from the work environment. It will add a little cement to your relationship.

You will be surprised to find so many amazing spots not on The National Mall. Here are a few of our favorites both outdoors or indoors in our lovely, lively city.

Think pink! It’s cherry blossom time!

Don’t miss this! Take a walk under the spectacular display of nature on the waterfront any Bubble Yum would love. The Japanese donated and planted 3000 heavenly cherry trees on the Tidal Basin in West Potomac Park, which have shown their amazing grace every year since. Like parades? On April 16th, on Constitution Avenue from 7th to 17th streets, see the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade. More info

Go Ape: Zip Line in Rockville

For those who prefer adventure over mushy lounge time will have a blast zip lining through the trees in one of Go Ape Zip Line and Treetop Adventure classes. About 45 minutes outside of Washington, D.C. you can get a nice adrenaline rush with your best buddies or significant other for a day you’ll never forget.

Say hello to Teddy

This island off the beaten path provides a great day to spend with your buddies or partner. The national memorial has dozens of trails to explore and a super view of the city. End your adventure with drinks in Georgetown after crossing the Key Bridge.

Photo thanks to Larrys Ramble

Go wine tasting

Take a step back in time just a short road trip away in Centreville, about 45 minutes outside of DC, at the Winery at Bull Run. Talk about romantic—sip local wine, have a picnic, and hear live music on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Wine tastings start at $12 per person.

Spend a day at the National Harbor

Who doesn’t love a Ferris wheel, a stunning harbor, cotton candy, a 3-story waterfall or a 33-foot statue of Buddha? Go shopping, eat out, and enjoy the beautiful scenery just 15 minutes from D.C.

More info

Treat yourselves to an evening at the Kennedy Center

If it’s a special occasion or you want to have a big, lavish night just because, you’ll definitely want to catch some culture at a ballet or opera at the Kennedy Center. During intermission or before the show, go upstairs on the terrace and have a glass of wine to soak up the amazing view.


Spend a day at The National Arboretum

Want a standout Instagram photo? The National Arboretum is much more majestic and magical than mundane: enjoy 1828 Corinthian columns from the U.S. Capitol, a koi pond and bonsai, a damp, mossy forest, and perfectly manicured lawns. Say hello to real Bald Eaglets that were born there this spring. Bring a blanket and snacks for a connect- with-nature afternoon.

Say good night to Abe at dusk

Avoid the tourists and have a special evening at the Lincoln Memorial at sundown. The view of the Washington Monument is awesome, and Abe looks even grander by night. Contemplate the size of this statue, read the words one more time, slowly and sit on the steps and watch the moon for a night you’ll tell everyone about when you get back home.