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6 Pieces of Good News for Interns in 2014
December 24, 2019
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1. Employer Demand is Up. Way Up.

According to internships.com, companies are hiring more interns today than they ever have before. In fact, 56% are planning to hire more interns this year, while 62% are planning to implement a more structured program. That’s up from 48% a year ago.  You are in demand, big time.

2. And It’s Because They are Hiring

The #1 reason companies are hiring so many interns is because they are looking for full time employees. In fact, 75% of large companies are looking for them, while 73% of small companies are. That equates to more than 100 employees for the big guys and 50 employees for the small ones, respectively. You’re probably beginning to understand why getting internships is so competitive nowadays. This trend will only continue.

3. 88%

That’s the number that is most relevant to you.  It’s the percentage of companies who consider applications from recent grads. Update your resume!

4. Who Are They Looking For?

Employers are looking for candidates who interview well, have relevant experience, good grades, a strong resume, and come recommended by a trusted reference. Essentially in that order. As we’ve said before, having a good GPA is not enough to get you hired. They like to see well-rounded candidates. A strong resume will reflect this by showing any volunteer work you’ve done in the community as well as any student groups, clubs or organizations you belonged to.  Remember, if 88% of companies are considering recent grads for internships, you have to make sure you stand out in a line of applicants.

5. The More the Merrier

More-Interns-being-HiredThere were more internships completed in 2013  than in any previous year. Sixty-seven percent of graduates completed an internship while 32% completed two or more. That represents a whopping 20% increase over 2012. This could be taken a couple different ways. On the one hand it could be that recent grads have recognized the importance of an internship in getting a full time job. Or on the other hand, people were just relieved that the world didn’t end on December 21st, 2012, but then realized they needed to get out there and find a job. And so everyone got internships. It’s probably a little of both.

6. A Jump on the Future

Nearly half of students this year – 48% to be exact – have completed an internship prior to their junior year. Everyone is looking to get a head start on their career path, and that trend is expected to increase. For example, a highly regarded advertising agency in New York City only hires sophomores and rising seniors for their summer internship program. It gets students interested in the field vested early while setting them up for a possible future with the company. Other industries are following suit.

TLDR version: interns are in demand, specifically recent grads. Help yourself by snagging one if you haven’t already.