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6 Foolproof Ways to Escape Intern Burnout
August 15, 2017
January WISH Newsletter

How do you escape intern burnout?

Everyone knows internships are incredibly demanding. They require a lot of your time and energy and leave very little time for anything outside of work. There’s no doubt that getting your career off to a solid start is well worth the effort, but unfortunately, the stress can take its toll on you.

So, keep these tips in mind so intern burnout is not your fate.

Know how to recognize the signs of intern burnout

If you’re thinking your internship is only 12 weeks long and you can’t possibly burn out in that time, think again. Those 3 months can wreak havoc on your personal well-being, but only if you let them. Recognizing the symptoms can help you escape Intern Burnout.

A few examples include:

  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • poor appetite
  • headaches
  • forgetfulness
  • inability to focus

If you notice any of these signs, consider making some adjustments to your schedule or health habits.

Tip #1: Keep your finances in check!

If you want to stress yourself out to the absolute max, try living penny to penny with an overdrawn bank account. As we all begin to make our way into the working world, responsible money management becomes more and more essential to our overall well-being.

Living with out-of-control finances will distract you from your work as an intern, diminish your energy, and cause you to burn out very quickly.

So, although that intern paycheck is probably going to be quite small, do your best to live within those means. Be frugal, buy only what you need. It’s only temporary. Read more about how to handle your money and chill

Tip #2: Establish a routine

You’re only here for a few months.

Getting into a groove right away will help you settle in and lose the worry of what to do that day.

Work in 15 minutes of exercise at lunchtime. Allow time for yourself too.

Tip #3: Make time for exercise

You’ve heard it so much that it’s become the millennial mantra. We don’t mind repeating it, though, because getting your daily exercise is critical to relieving stress. Don’t let your work schedule overrun your personal life so much that you forget to make time for your health.

Release those endorphins!

If there’s no other time in the day, why not get your exercise by walking to the office instead of taking the bus? Or, look for exercise classes in the Capitol Hill area. Grab a work buddy and go together!

Bring your sneakers and go for a jog around the Mall. Between the Capitol steps and the Lincoln Memorial, the Mall spans 1.9 miles. Between the Capitol steps and the Washington Monument, the Mall spans 1.2 miles. Perfect for a walk.

DC is a bike-friendly city, so get a bike

Any time you see the chance to get that extra bit of activity, go for it!

Tip #4: Have a social life outside of snapchat

We love mobile technology, we really do, but it can’t be the replace an actual social life.

  • Are you missing your family and friends back home? Take time out of your day to call them.
  • Are the other interns in your housing unit also suffering from overwork? Coordinate get-togethers that won’t impede upon your work at your internship. You get the idea. Find the social outlets that work for you, and make them a priority in your week.
  • Networking is always a priority and one of the biggest benefits of an internship. Getting to know people outside of works creates a bond. At WISH, we organize events so that they can meet and socialize with other interns.

Read more about juggling life and work

Unplug from technology for a few hours every day.

They won’t miss you on Facebook.

Turn off the TV and read a book or take a walk. Ignore your texts for awhile, it can wait. The news can be stressful. Skip it for awhile. Listen to music.

Make a to-do list at the end of the day

Writing down the things you have to tackle the next day can run through your head before you go to sleep and keep you awake. Writing it down will get it out of your head so you won’t worry about forgetting. You’ll sleep better.

Of course, here at WISH, we believe that having a place to unwind at the end of the day is a great way to keep your stress levels in check. If you’re headed to Washington for an upcoming internship, contact us to learn more about our Washington, D.C. intern housing options.