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50 Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving
November 24, 2015

Giving Thanks for the Big and Small Things

It’s the season to give thanks, and even given the recent events that have been happening around the world, there are still so many things to be thankful for this year.

Here at The WISHington Post HQ, we wanted to know everything that you guys, the interns of DC, are grateful for this Thanksgiving. Aside from the obvious things (like your health and family), we took to the streets of DC to hear all the (big and small) things you guys are thankful for this year. Sometimes just a good pair of cozy socks and a hug is cause for gratitude.

Here are 50 things you said…

1. Life-long friends.
2. The perfect cup of coffee.
3. Being born in the land of the free.
4. Having a place to call home.
5. When your local coffee barista remembers your name… and your order!
6. Getting lost in a good book.
7. A freshly baked pie.
8. Google.
9. Portable cell phone chargers.
10. Candles.
11. Having a productive day.
12. Netflix.
13. Warm, cozy fires.
14. Pumpkin flavored anything.
15. Thanksgiving leftovers.
16. Sweater weather.

17. Sundays.
18. Holiday sales.
19. Free shipping.
20. Living a in a world where we have fall.
21. Seamless.
22. Chocolate.
23. The snooze button.
24. Spending Thanksgiving with family.
25. Sweatpants.
26. Macaroni and cheese. Grilled cheese. Cheese, cheese and cheese.
27. Puppies!
28. Cozy, fluffy socks.
29. Hugs.
30. Photographs.
31. Music.
32. Fresh flowers.
33. Student discounts.
34. Friendsgiving – You can have two Thanksgiving dinners or you won’t have to spend Thanksgiving alone.
35. Finding money in your pocket.
36. Laughing with friends.
37. Skype.
38. Having 5 extra minutes in bed.
39. My internship.
40. Holiday traditions.
41. Movie/duvet days.
42. When your favorite song comes on the radio.
43. Google Maps.
44. Homemade food.
45. Being able to contact anyone, anywhere in the world by touching a button.
46. Wifi.
47. Having access to education.
48. When you just make your train.
49. When people build each other up.
50. When your parents use Emoji’s. (This one was a surprise!)

And mine, #51, freedom!!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?