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5 Truly Wacky Political Halloween Costumes

5 Truly Wacky Political Halloween Costumes

Stumped on what to be this year? Here are a few creative, provocative and truly wacky political Halloween costumes.

May the best costume contest award go to you, my friend! Take it from here.

Bill Clinton Plays With Balloons at the DNC

1) Bill and his balloons

You can the boy out of a small town but you can’t take the small town out of the boy. Bill Clinton enjoyed a struck of awe when he saw the balloons coming down at the Democratic Convention, and Hillary was pretty amazed too. Make everyone smile with this costume.

What you’ll need for this costume:

  • A dark suit and red tie
  • A grey wig or hairspray
  • Lots and lots of red and blue balloons, some with stars
  • A look of wonder on your face

This also works great for couples to make it a Bill + Hillary duo.

2) Donald Trump’s taco bowl

Who doesn’t love tacos? Make a big statement by going as Donald Trump’s infamous Twitter post about his Cinco de Mayo lunch extravaganza. Making a big thumb’s up as you pose in pictures would put the icing on the cake. Everyone else will be going as an orange pumpkin in a wig.

What you’ll need for this costume:

  • A brown body suit /unitard
  • A homemade taco bowl (get creative here)
  • Red, green, yellow strips of cloth or cellophane to make the filling
  • A sign that says “I love Hispanics!”

Hilary, but in the 60’s

You could always wear a pantsuit and a blonde wig, but Hillary in the 60’s is way cooler. That famous picture of her in those amazing striped pants, sandals, hair pulled back and huge glasses is way wackier.

What you’ll need for this costume:

  • Striped pants
  • Long hair with the front part pulled back
  • Sandals
  • Giant eyeglasses
  • A law degree

Hillary-in-the-sixties wacky political halloween costume

3) Ted Cruz as Grandpa Munster

Well, the downside is it won’t be exactly clear which character you are in this costume. You may have to say “Always be sexy” a lot or call yourself a “wacko bird” to indicate you are Ted.

What you’ll need for this costume:

  • A Dracula Cape and sparkly bow tie
  • A wig with a widow’s peak
  • Bushy eyebrows
  • A “no teeth showing” smile

Ted Cruz as Grandpa Munster

4) Ken Bone: Undecided voter

A latecomer to the election, the guy who looks like a Pixar cartoon character is already selling out…well his costume is anyway. The getup, entitled “Sexy Undecided Voter Costume” is already out of stock on Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • A red cable knit sweater, (with a zipper if you can find it)
  • Very light khaki, almost white pants
  • A fake moustache if you don’t have a real one
  • Black eyeglasses
  • An undecided attitude


5) Bernie Sanders the rumpled liberal


This guy would make a great costume! Bonus, it’s comfortable to wear. A thick New York accent is encouraged.

What you’ll need for this costume:

  • A rumpled suit and tie
  • A grey wig, mussed up
  • Glasses
  • A passionate, outraged tone of voice when you answer any question

What to be more wacky with your costume? Here are some fun add-ons:

  • Bring a fake (or real) bird with you to be Birdie Sanders
  • Bring a friend with you to dress identical, (one Bernie, one Larry David)
  • Have a friend dress up as a Wall Street financier = Bernie vs. Wall St.

We can’t remember an election being so much fun on Halloween. Have any other wacky political costume ideas? Comment below!

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