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5 Tips for a Painless Move to Short-Term Housing
June 27, 2017
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There are definitely ways to make moving in and moving out painless.

As an intern in a city away from home, it doesn’t make sense to sign a long-term lease. Short-term intern housing is a better option, especially if you prepare smartly for your temporary move.

Here’s what our DC interns tell us they did that made their transition easy:

#1: Leave it home or carry it

One of the best ways to simplify a move to short-term intern housing is to bring only the items that you need most. Don’t move lots of furniture and other belongings into the apartment, because it will only have to be moved out again when you’re ready to go. Consider you may need to carry all that stuff up stairs too. Most intern housing provides everything you need except sheets and towels, so travel lean and light.

As a general rule, if you don’t use it daily, then you can live without it for a few months.

#2: Consider the climate

If you’re moving to a location that’s far away from where you currently live, check out the climate in your new location and to pack accordingly. Hint: As an intern in Washington, D.C., it’s safe to assume that your favorite swim gear will be useless throughout the fall, winter, and spring, and you won’t need that down jacket in the summer. Use that space in your luggage for something more practical.

#3: Think about leisure time

We know interns work hard, long hours, but you will have time off to explore the city. Pack sneakers for walking and casual clothes for weekend adventures. If you love to bike around, that helmet will come in handy.

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#4: Bring important documents with you

When we said leave the things home you don’t use daily, we definitely did not mean your vital documents. Bring those.

We’re talking about things like:

  • driver’s license
  • health insurance card
  • debit card
  • medical records
  • school records…

and any other important documents or info, like passwords, you may need while you are away from your permanent home. Keep these items with you when you move so they’re handy while you’re there.

#5: Pack your tools, gadgets, and accessories

A few months without your favorite piece of technology sounds like its own kind of purgatory, doesn’t it? These will probably be the first things you pack, but hey, this is a reminder. Don’t be in such a rush that you forget these critical components of your life. Think carefully about what you’ll need while you’re living in your new intern housing.

Remember to bring all the small but personal things like your phone charger, USB drives, hair dryer or your beard trimmer and razor set.

The cost to replace these small items can really add up!

Expect household items like can openers and dishes to be there if you are in fully furnished housing. That’s the surest way to make your stay easy.

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You want to feel confident that your short term intern housing will include the features and amenities that are most important to you. Moving back and forth can be a hassle or a breeze depending on how much you lug with you.