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5 Throwback Movies That Should Be On Every Intern’s Watchlist
April 4, 2017
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There’s something so perfect about throwback movies.

Like ramen noodles – they stir happy memories and keep you going when the struggle gets just a little too real.

So, if you’ve already seen every movie in your Netflix lineup, add these to your watchlist for your next intern-themed movie night.

The Intern (2015)

The Intern is brazen and intentional in the way that it confronts contemporary social issues, like aging and workaholicism, and it just may change the way you view your own internship (and maybe your entire career). It’s poignant and inspirational, and we recommend reaching for this flick any time you’re feeling like you’re not making a difference in your job.

This one will show you that you can make an impact, but you may have to go about it in a different way than you originally expected.

Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway make an unexpectedly great duo.

The Internship (2013)

Everyone has heard of the everyday fantasy world that is life at Google. The search engine giant has truly earned its title as “the most attractive employer” in the world, and there’s no shame in admitting that you’ve had a daydream or twenty about working there. This intern-themed comedy hit from 2013 capitalizes on the fact that pining after a coveted spot at Google is something that we can all relate to.

There are a lot of valuable takeaways in this movie. For us, the most obvious point was that the playing field is not always going to be level.

The two main characters in this movie had no business being involved in this internship program, but they managed to find their own way anyway.

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

You may or may not already have an opinion about the plot and characters of The Devil Wears Prada, but you may want to view this movie as more of a guide to what you should not do. It does have the basic feel-good ending that you’d expect from a movie like this, with the intrepid Anne Hathaway again.

We recommend paying attention to the way this intern is abused by her demanding employer. It’s the kind of treatment that no employee or intern (paid or unpaid) should ever accept.

The “devil”, Miranda Priestly, puts her minions through Hell itself, because she is deemed the highest power in fashion and gets away with it.

She refuses to learn the heroine’s name, persecutes interns for failing to read her mind, makes frequent threats, and worse. Think what you will about this albeit very well-written and thoughtful movie; the most valuable lesson here is that you are nobody’s doormat and finding your true worth may be worth the torture.

Office Space (1999)

Now we are getting into true “throwback” territory. We’ve crossed the threshold into the 1990’s with Office Space, a LOL-worthy, squad-goals movie that featured a group of coworkers who band together to teach their boss a thing or two.

Watching Office Space will remind you of what you’ve probably heard a thousand times already: no matter how much your job is paying you, if it makes you miserable, they’re not paying you enough. Even more important is the idea that coworkers are really what defines your work atmosphere.

Even the worst job can be awesome with the right crew by your side.

Rudy (1993)

Okay, we’ll admit that Rudy is pretty old school. If you haven’t seen it yet, though, your parents can probably vouch for the fact that this is a 100% bona fide winner in the inspo department. It’s based on the true story of Notre Dame’s Daniel “Rudy” Reuttiger, which you can find HERE when you’re interested in reading about a true hero.

Rudy will remind you that heart and grit beat out talent every time.

It will rekindle your drive to go after that dream job with insane determination, and show you hard work can pay off. This is a guy who just won’t quit. Whether you’re having a bad day at the office or just a bad day, Rudy will give you a new lease on persistence. Trust us; it’s a multi-generational can’t-miss.

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