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5 Reasons You Should Intern in DC
April 1, 2014
10 Tips to Stand Out as an Intern

1. A Real Club For Growth

Washington, DC consistently ranks near the top of U.S. cities for job growth and creation, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. A number of recent studies have shown that the metro area will add more than 1 million jobs over the next two decades. One…million! That is great news for students who will be jumping into the job market soon because you want to be in a place that actually has jobs available.

2. 2014: The Year You Make Contacts

It’s estimated that as many as 80% of job openings are filled by word of mouth and referrals. Who you know is sometimes more important than what you know. Multiply that by…a lot when talking about DC, where knowing someone has an entirely different meaning. You don’t just know someone here. You Know Someone.

It is estimated that between 10 and 15 percent of DC interns receive a job offer after their internships are complete.

Suffice it to say an internship in DC puts you in a unique position to make lasting connections with many people in your field and in many other industries through events and conferences. That’s not to mention advantages such as attending hearings on Capitol Hill or sitting in on lectures hosted by one of the areas many think tanks.

3. It’s the Place For Young People

From Capitol Hill to K Street, from financial services firms to nonprofits, young 20-somethings are in demand. Particularly on Capitol Hill, where they promote from within at a fast rate. For example, most recent grads start as unpaid interns in congressional offices, but that doesn’t last long. They have to wear so many hats on the Hill that chances are after a few months, they’ll be looking at moving up to Staff Assistant. Then from Staff Assistant to Scheduler and from Scheduler to Legislative Correspondent. The progression is quick, the opportunity for growth…endless.

4. Study Abroad at Home

Studying abroad is increasingly popular. It offers a different experience than what their hometown campus can provide. To be sure, this is important because of the global market we all live in today. The thing is, spending a summer in Washington, DC pretty much provides a lot of the same benefits without the cost associated with it. This includes exposure to other cultures, access to some of the best museums/concerts in the world, and just living in a thriving city.

Besides, interning abroad often means meeting and interacting with people from one culture, namely whichever country you are studying in. Washington, DC is home to people from countries all around the world, which means you are exposed to several cultures and have the opportunity to meet and interact with a very diverse group of people. How’s that for real world experience?

5. 40,000

That is the number of interns a year that come to DC. It has become the world’s capital for experiential education and a bridge between the classroom and the work place. In other words, it’s the gateway to that first job after graduation. Taking a quick look at all the benefits explains why this is:

  • Experience, knowledge and contacts that interns gain by coming to DC.
  • A first-hand look at the workings of the U.S. economy and political system.
  • Ample opportunities for journalism, international affairs, law, nonprofits and the private business sector.
  • A structured, educational environment where college students can thrive.
  • Intern responsibilities that may include covering congressional hearings, conducting research, writing press releases, coordinating events, assisting with media relations, editing and producing new stories, managing databases or writing for a newsletter, and more.

We could go on, but you get the picture. WISH has info on many great internship opportunities this summer to get your search started. Take a gander and get ready to spend your summer in the District!