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5 Life Lessons You Learned From College

5 Life Lessons You Learned From College

1. Being a Good Roommate Reflects On You

Your years living with someone has (hopefully) taught you some good habits and also what you like and dislike. Take this with you as you venture out into the real world and get your first apartment. Chances are, you might have to have a roommate when you are starting out. The way you live reflects on the type of person you are.

2. Eating On a Budget

Living either on a shoe string budget or on shoe string noodles may have been tough, but at least it taught you one valuable thing: how to save money and eat cheap. Carry this with you into the next chapter of your life because in some ways, it’ll resemble the last one.

3. Reinventing Yourself Is Never a Bad Thing

College is usually the time when you experiment with different things. You’re out of the house for the first time and on your own. You have your own life, your own schedule, new friends and acquaintances, and generally just a lot of new stuff to do. Not surprisingly, the urge to reinvent yourself can be high, and it may not be the last time. With each new semester you tried a new approach. In the real world, this can be just as common, except out here we call them New Year’s Resolution. Always hold on to your youth, regardless of age and circumstance.

4.  Life Is Not Fair

It’s an old saying but bears repeating. The first time you actually experienced how unfair life can be was probably in college. It was the moment every single professor you had assigned you major work at the exact same time while your part time job was making you work extra hours for some reason, and then your girlfriend or boyfriend broke up with you. This might all be slightly exaggerated (or not) but the gist of it is, you discovered that when things get tough, you really had no choice but to look life right back in the eyes and say: “challenge accepted.” That’s great prep for Real Life 101.

5. There is No Fate But What You Make

While in college, the following most likely happened to you:


  • You changed your major a few, maybe even several times
  • With each passing year you realized how little you knew the year before. By the time you were ready to graduate, you were embarrassed by the way you were fours years ago. (This actually keeps happening throughout life.)
  • There were times when you questioned why people said college was the best time of your life
  • The realization that you were entering the real world hit you and suddenly staying in college didn’t seem all that bad

However, all of the above serves to illustrate one dramatic point: life is an ongoing process. Just as you changed your major, you can also make a career change as many times as you need to. You never stop growing and learning, and every once in a while you’ll wonder what the hell is going on. Sometimes things will be scary, sometimes they will be great. College was a microcosm of life and the experiences and memories you take from there will help you as a recent grad. Always remember, your future is not set. What you make of it is entirely up to you.


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