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5 Apps That Stress You Less

5 Apps That Stress You Less

Best Apps to Help with Stress

Who doesn’t need less stress? Balancing school, an internship, a job and a social life (if you can fit it in), is a challenge to keep it together. There’s got to be an app for that! There is! These top 5 apps will help you stay organized, manage your finances, and know what’s gong on in the world. Make your life easier and stay ahead of the game.

The Skimm

Best Apps to Help with Stress

  1. Stay in the know with a daily dose of news delivered to you before you get your morning latte. The Skimm delivers email newsletters every morning with the top news headlines. Come to work with knowledge of what’s going on in Iraq, who’s ahead in the polls and what new virus outbreak has surfaced to elevate water cooler talk to a new level.


Evernote Logo

  1. Consider this the modern day post-it note or spiral notebook. Evernote allows you to jot down ideas, take notes from meetings and store contact info all in one spot so you never lose your notes again. Create to-do lists, goals or jot down crazy ideas that will be synched to all of your devices. the search function is awesome, it searches everything—PDFs, images, biz cards, notes, etc!



  1. Admit it: it’s hard to go an hour or two without checking Facebook, isn’t it? Freedom allows you to block any website or app of your choice for any length of time. Just block the sites you want, set the time and voila, you’re free! You definitely don’t want your boss catching you checking your personal email or browsing Instagram (unless you have a social media role, of course), so do yourself a favor and block it completely—it’ll always be there once you’re done with work.


Mint financial app logo

  1. As an intern, you know that money is tight—best to keep tabs on all of your finances. With Mint, you can pull all of your accounts, cards and investments into one place. Track your spending, create a budget, receive bill reminders and get customized tips for reducing fees and saving money. No more pit-in-the-stomach freak-outs about where all your money has gone. It’ll make good habits for life.

Any.Do logo

  1. If you need some organizational help, Do is the way to go. From work to school to at-home tasks, you can create multiple to-do lists that synch on all of your devices. Never forget a single grocery item or email to your boss with its notifications and regular reminders you set yourself.

Less stress means more fun. With all these apps, there’s no reason not to let them handle some of the logistics of life.

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