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3 Unusual Jobs That Pay Very Well

3 Unusual Jobs That Pay Very Well

By Truman Wosnak    August 26, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC – I started thinking about odd jobs that pay well as an alternative to office work, which I find nerve wracking. It always stresses me out. So I said to myself  “Well, Truman you don’t have to work in an office. Think outside the cubicle.” You were thinking that, right? Because that’s exactly what I was thinking.

Every time I sit in a meeting or am on a call, two things come to my mind. One, I’m really thankful for the opportunity to be here at The WISHington Post. Being in DC and working around such cool people has been a great experience. Second, I really hope my stomach doesn’t start growling loudly as I sit there, at it sometimes does when I get nervous. I found 3 unusual jobs that actually pay very well, providing you have the necessary requirements!

3 Odd jobs that pay well!

This brings me to my point. What odd jobs can be fun and make good money? I started looking into unusual jobs that would be perfect for someone like me. Someone that seeks good pay while surrounded by the kind of safety that only the absence of people could bring (Present company excluded.)

Here are 3 that really appealed to me.

1. Ice Cream Taster


How would you like to get paid to eat ice cream? Who wouldn’t, unless you are lactose intolerant! But according to Forbes, you can get paid nicely to do so. Ice cream tasters can earn about $56,000 a year on average. To get these jobs, you most likely have to have a degree in food science. Then you’ll end up working for an ice cream manufacturer or a large corporation. The biggest drawback to this job is finding it—or, watching your waistline. Let’s face it, if you had a gig where you got paid nicely to eat 31 flavors of ice cream before lunch,  would you give it up? I know I wouldn’t. Nonetheless, they exist. Even if only as a myth.  

2. Body Part Model


This one might sound strange, but I’m a strange guy who thinks my ears are quite extraordinary. Many models make a lot of money just by modelling parts of their bodies that have a special quality, such as smooth skin or beautiful hands. Ever see a commercial or a poster selling hand or foot products? That’s a body part model, and they can make anywhere from $20 – $1000 for an afternoon’s work. It depends on the job, the brand and how in demand you might be. Breaking into this field entails registering with different modeling websites and submitting photos. This is the ultimate example of voting with your feet. Or hands.   

3. Live Mannequin

I swear there was a movie in the 80s about a girl mannequin that came to life and lived with a guy. Can’t remember the name of it. (Editor’s Note: Child’s Play. Weird Science. Mannequin.)  Anyway, did you know that retail stores like Gap often hire people to serve as live mannequins? They can pay up to $100 an hour, too. These jobs are advertised online in various places, such as the store website, Craigslist, social media and job hunting sites. They aren’t too hard to find or get. Though I imagine stamina and the ability to strike a pose and hold it for long periods of time are a requirement.

You see? There are lots of unusual jobs out there to be had. You just have to be as unusual as the job itself to find them. Happy hunting!



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