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20 Ridiculously Amazing Gifts They Won’t Regift
December 7, 2015
20 Ridiculously Amazing Gifts They Won't Regift

The holidays are upon us, and Black Friday has come and gone. For those still shopping for friends and fam, we scoured the web for ridiculously amazing gifts they’ll love so much they won’t regift it. Some even give back too. And almost all are under $50!

1. Punjammies Pajama Pants $46

Let’s face it: we college students live in sweats and pajamas. Might as well look good doing so while supporting a great cause. Enter Punjammies: loungewear bottoms made by women in India who have escaped human trafficking in an effort to create a better life. Get it!

2. Herschel Supply Heritage Backpack $49

Sleek, smart and coming and an impressive array of colors and patterns, this backpack works for your boyfriend, girlfriend, room mate, brother, sister…you get it with perfect function and form. Get it!

3. Jolly Holiday Pillows: About $30

Dozens of pillows that send a soft message to anyone on your gift list. Get It!

4. Hangover Kit $35

OK – we’re not encouraging underage or binge drinking, but sometimes indulgence happens. When the party’s over, there’s nothing better than a hamburger, coffee, and this fully stocked hangover kit. The box is well equipped with ginger ale, water, mouth wash, electrolyte drink mix, Alka-Seltzer, Pepto Bismol and 5 Hour Energy. Get it!

5. College Dorm Safety Package $49.99

This one will keep your parents at ease. This smart package for women comes with a door brace, mace window glass breakage alarm and a runt stun gun. Be careful with that one! Get it!

6. Minibru Coffee Press Mug $7.50

Forget your daily Starbucks ritual or futzing around in the kitchen; this mug doubles as a French press and mug to get you going fast in the morning or staying up all night. At this price, get 2, one for them, one for you! Get it!

7. Narwhal Heated Slippers $49.99

Narwhal Heated Slippers It’s snowing outside; there’s no way you’re leaving your room today. Make it more comfortable with these amazing wireless heated slippers, with an adorable Narwhal, unicorn of the sea, design. ” width=”750″ height=”408″ />

It’s snowing outside; there’s no way you’re leaving your room today. Make it more comfortable for your roommate with these amazing wireless heated slippers, with an adorable Narwhal, unicorn of the sea, design. Get it!

8. Freakers Bottle Covers $9.99

Made in the USA and tons of fun, these bottle covers are amazingly useful. They fit literally any bottle, keep your backpack dry and they look cool too. Check out Freaker Feet too. Get it!

9. I Love Wikipedia $20

Giving a gift from the Wikipedia store gives back to this indispensable non-profit we use like every day.  Get it!

10. Amazon Pantry Delivery is $5.99 + groceries

This is probably one of the smartest on the list: a subscription to receiving everyday, low-priced foods and goods for your dorm or apartment. Maybe you need to put this one on your own wish list! In between going to class, working and interning, (and having a social life), this box will save your intern away from home lots of time and money. Get it!

11. Honey-Can-Do Washing Machine Graphic Hamper $23

You will never lose or mix up your laundry bags again. Just make sure to not leave the bag laying unattended so it doesn’t get snatched up! This bright and vibrant hamper is seriously the coolest. Get it!

12. Impossible Instant Lab Universal Photo Printer $169

Instagram may not last forever. This instant printer is a perfect companion at parties! Snap, print and hang in your room to cherish your memories forever. It keeps giving back. Get it!

13. Start Where You Are Journal

College is the place to find yourself; or at least get started. This journal is thought provoking and inspiring to help your best friend, sister, mom or roommate on their way. It’s full of beautiful, hand drawn prompts to get creative juices flowing. Get it!

14. Scratch Map

Is anyone you know an explorer, a traveller or wants to be one? This scratch map is a cool, interactive way to track where they’ve been all across the globe. Time to plan that study abroad trip! Get it!

15. Glow in the Dark Star Decals

Amp up your dorm room with these beautiful star decals. Easy to apply and glowing in the dark, you can transform your drab room into a galaxy far, far away. Get it!

16. Star Wars Sweaters

You know you know a geek who wants one of these from a galaxy far, far away. Get it!

17. Microwave Pasta Cooker $15

Don’t have a stove? In a hurry? All you need is a microwave to make a delicious Italian meal without breaking the budget. Get it!

18. djay app $10

Know a secret scratch master? They will have blast with this app. Get it!

19. Postcards For Typography Lovers $20

With over 100 ridiculously amazing designs from artists in Brooklyn and San Francisco, your gift will be used all year to remind others they are thinking of them—and you. Get it!

20. Electra Townie Bike $599

And for the big kahuna: a bike. You might ask for this one from a parent you have been oh so good to all year! Save money on gas, help the planet and get to your classes with ease. The Townie bike comes in a wide variety of colors – and has 7 gears so you can easily navigate hills and tough terrain. Get it!

Happy Holidays to all from the folks at WISH!