Jacqueline Kay

Jacqueline Kay seemed born to endure hardship. Her parents, two Cambridge administrators, practically raised young Jacqueline in art museums in order to appreciate all that European culture had to offer. Unfortunately, due to her father’s tragic mid-life crisis, Jacqueline’s family was ripped away from the European scene and relocated to Reno, Nevada, where her father began fixing cars and collecting postage stamps, and her mother became the Managing Director of the local community theatre. Stifled by her new surroundings and shunned by her plebeian classmates, Jacqueline would start an online fashion and art review “J.A.C.Q.U.E.S.” (pronounced like the famous Shakespeare character, which she assumes you’re familiar with, of course.) J.A.C.Q.U.E.S, along with her spotless academic record, would earn Jacqueline a spot at the prestigious Parson’s School of Design, which would catapult her to an internship here in D.C., working with Ruth Bater-Ginsberg’s style consultant. While her title is technically “intern”, Jacqueline feels as if her duties (retrieving coffee and returning ill-fitting skirt suits) don’t adequately reflect her employers’ faith in her talent and ability. Which is monumental. She assures you.

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