Ed Woodward

Ed Woodward isn’t going to say a lot about himself. Because Ed Woodward knows that anything you say on the internet can get back to you. Ed Woodward isn’t going to say where he’s from or where he’s going. Ed Woodward isn’t going to say why he’s here or what he’s looking for. Ed Woodward isn’t even going to say what his favorite color is, because he knows whoever is watching is could turn even that against him. Ed Woodward will say that he’s got his fingers, ears, eyes, and face on the pulse of this city, and isn’t afraid to tell the hard-hitting stories mainstream news outlets wouldn’t dare report. He will also say that the only reason he’s still single is because his life is incredibly dangerous, and he can’t imagine involving a well-meaning dame in all that. He will also say that he promises he’s actually interning in D.C., even if he can’t or won’t say where. Ed Woodward isn’t the reporter this city deserves – he’s the reporter this city needs. (And he didn’t take that line from Batman, he thought of it first, okay?)

Life Hacks

6 Incredible Packing Hacks

Woodward here.  After being beat down by my so-called editor, I am begrudgingly presenting this puff-piece on careful packing in lieu of the meticulously researched expose I wrote on the…

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