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why interns like wish

My daughter is thrilled with her apartment and the convenient location. It's been an important part of her experience. Thanks so much for making this possible for her. Sincerely, Jim W

Why Interns Like WISH

WISH is an incredible network of Washington interns who live in short-term, furnished, intern-only buildings during their internships. It’s a social hub and a source of lifelong friendships and professional connections.

WISH attracts the best students and Universities by providing the best service, locations, and amenities. After 20 years, providing interns, employers, parents and alumni with a platform to interact is a natural for WISH.

There’s so much going on in the WISH community and the students are eager to be a part of it all. WISH has the tools to easily and effectively engage with them.

Most locations are within 3 blocks of the U.S. Capitol Grounds, the farthest one is 7, and all are on the Metro. Turrets, tree-lined streets, landmarks and newsmakers are part of life in the neighborhood.

WISH has a central office with staff that wants interns to succeed in Washington and beyond!  Furnishing housing and providing opportunities for them to network is what WISH does best.