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Community living on Capitol Hill has created unique and lasting opportunities for our students to exchange ideas, philosophies and life experiences.” Jennifer Sarver, The U of Texas

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For University Semester Programs around the world, WISH provides a platform to support their academic and Washington experience. We offer classrooms, temporary offices and parking, event-planning and reception rooms, as well as affordable historic housing for interns and visiting faculty.

WISH understands the unique needs of academic institutions that seek a greater presence in our Nation’s Capital. We can help with elegant reception rooms and catering services for your fundraisers and alumni events, or just provide clean, safe, furnished housing for your students’ semester in Washington. Take as much or as little as you need!

Featured Programs:

TFASThe Fund For American Studies
The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) sponsors six institutes for undergraduate students and one for law students in Washington, D.C. These Institutes prepare young people for leadership in the life of their communities and the nation by providing them with opportunities in the nation’s capital for enlightenment and enrichment.

The institutes are intense, combining lectures, coursework, internships, evening lectures and site briefings at key institutions of national government. Each institute offers courses for academic credit. Through the internships, students gain practical experience that prepares them for their careers.

ARCHERCENTER  The Archer Center, The University of Texas System
Students who participate in the Archer Fellowship Program can expect to have an exhausting yet rewarding experience that will allow them to learn about how our federal government interacts within and outside itself. Students will make and maintain social and professional contacts that could help lead to continued internship opportunities and even jobs post-graduation.

For a list of Colleges, Universities as well as DC-based organizations that WISH hosts, email interns@internsdc.com. WISH is a meeting place for college students, administrators and employers, and we’re happy to help you get connected!



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