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A Letter from the Editor

By Martha Warrington|June 16, 2014

This summer, I am interning in Washington D.C., working for a totally stimulating, dense and important magazine nobody’s ever heard of. While I could spend my time here in DC fetching coffee and waiting for “the system” to notice me, instead, I, Martha Warrington, choose to embrace a piece of advice my personal hero bestowed…

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#Bendgate – Why the iPhone 6 Plus Bends

By Edison Lafont|September 25, 2014

Greetings my esteemed readership.  Breaking news (or should I say “bending” news) in tech this week.  Just days after the iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus were released, reports of noticeably bent iPhone6 pluses began to appear all over social media, cleverly tagged with “#bendgate”.  Good one, internet. Here’s what you need to know about the bent…

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Things to do

WISH Newsletter: Things to Do|September2

By Hillary Kawahara|September 18, 2014

WISH Newsletter: Things to Do   WISH Social: Washington Nationals vs NY Mets, September 24, 7:05pm WISH Residents: Watch the Nats face the Mets! FOLLOW WISH on Google+ and POST your answer on your personal Google+ profile to the question “What is the best thing about your internship in DC?”  with the hashtag #WishInternsDC. FREE…

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WISH International Students Interns in DC

DC Internships: Why Studying Abroad Means Studying Here!

By Chelsea Evara|September 9, 2014

By Chelsea Evara    August 19, 2014 Washington, DC – The world is such a big beautiful place! And we’re SOOO lucky to live in a city that attracts its best and brightest! Did you know that there’s a record number of international students studying in the US right now? I didn’t either until I…

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Live Mannequin

3 Unusual Jobs That Pay Very Well

By Truman Wosnak|September 2, 2014

By Truman Wosnak    August 26, 2014 WASHINGTON, DC – I started thinking about odd jobs that pay well as an alternative to office work, which I find nerve wracking. It always stresses me out. So I said to myself  “Well, Truman you don’t have to work in an office. Think outside the cubicle.” You were…

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WISH Photo Contest Fall 2014: Win $50!

By Hillary Kawahara|August 20, 2014

Calling all Fall 2014 WISH Residents! THREE WISH residents can win $50 to a Capitol Hill restaurant, SmartTrip metro card or Giant grocery store credit by uploading a picture on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ too!

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Climate Ride NYC-DC Interns DC

Ride In Style For a Good Cause

By Chelsea Evara|September 11, 2014

By Chelsea Evara    September 9, 2014 WASHINGTON, DC – Hey, have you guys heard? Not about the bird (though it continues to be the word, haha) but about the news that could affect all animals. Not just of the avian variety. I’m talking about the People’s Climate March happening in New York City at…

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Things to do

WISH Newsletter: Things to Do | September

By Woody Wilson|September 3, 2014

WISH Newsletter: Things to Do WISH Welcome Reception September 9, 6:00-8:00pm Join fellow WISH students and interns for a catered dinner to welcome you to DC! Free WISH Ballroom on Capitol Hill WISH Seminar: Social Media Boot Camp September 10, 6:30pm Amos Gelb, Director of the Washington Media Institute welcomes you to his seminar on…

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3 Reasons You’re Ready To Go Back To School

By Billy J. Clanton|August 26, 2014

By Billy J. Clanton    August 12, 2014 Washington DC – While recent grads are busy entering the work force and getting after it, some college students are getting ready for the fall. It’s really just getting after it in a different way. The end of summer is nothing to be sad about, guys and…

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