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House of Representatives: Internships Fall 2015

By Billy J. Clanton|August 27, 2015

Still Looking for a DC Fall Internship?   Florida House GOP member seeks intern to start immediately  in the Washington D.C. office.  A qualified candidate will be well-organized, responsible, dependable, and have good oral and written communication skills. Duties will include answering phones, sorting and distributing mail, assisting with press office functions, running errands, and…

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Intern Life: 6 Hacks To Be Taken Seriously

By Billy J. Clanton|August 18, 2015

Being an intern isn’t easy (after 12 and half internships I should know!). You finally got the internship of your dreams, so everything should be rosy, right? Maybe not! You’re at the bottom of the professional pecking order and, after all your hard work getting your internship, it can sometimes feel like you’re invisible. Seriously?! You…

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Congress Members and DC Organizations Seek Interns!

By Billy J. Clanton|August 6, 2015

Congress Members and DC Organizations Seek Interns for Fall 2015!   Rep. Candice S. Miller Description: Congresswoman Candice S. Miller (R-MI) seeks legislative interns for the Fall 2015 semester. Interns will work in a fast-paced congressional office, gaining valuable exposure and knowledge of the legislative process and the United States Congress. Intern responsibilities include greeting…

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August 2015: The Month Of…

By Chelsea Evara|July 28, 2015

Our Editor-in-Chief, Martha, has decided to hand over the reigns of our “The Month of…” series to yours truly. From now on, I’ll be bringing you the full round up of what the months of the year represent. As July 2015 draws to a close (seriously, where did the month go?), it’s time to check…

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Secret Do’s and Don’ts of LinkedIn

By Hillary Kawahara|July 21, 2015

We all love Social Media. Even when you’re in Jobsearch mode, there’s a social media platform for that! LinkedIn (I like to describe it as Facebook for grown ups) can be a powerful tool when you’re looking to land an internship (or your dream job!). But all too often people blow their chances by not following the…

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Button Up Your Business Wardrobe In 3 Easy Steps

By Jacqueline Kay|August 25, 2015

Transitioning from college to the workplace isn’t easy. You’re out in the business world and your jeans and sweatshirt aren’t going to cut it. So not only are you trying NOT to trip up on the job, you’ve got to worry about looking the part too. Some people are lucky enough to work for companies that take…

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5 Interview Mistakes That Can Trip You Up

By Georgia Warrington|August 11, 2015

The internship season is coming to an end and you may be looking to turn your internship into a job. But with any job comes the inevitable (dreaded) interview. I know just how stressful and nerve-racking interviews can be. You never know what to expect, and the interviewer(s) may throw tricky interview questions  at you to test you. I’ve…

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3 Fun Things To Do For Free In Washington DC This August

By Jacqueline Kay|August 4, 2015

Can you believe it’s already August? The summer internship season sure is flying by, but there is still one full month to make the most of your time in DC. And, you don’t have to break your (tiny) intern budget to enjoy DC either. There’s lots of great free events and activities you can do…

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Marketing & Media Internship; Fall 2015

By Martha Warrington|July 20, 2015

WISH MARKETING AND MEDIA INTERN Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH) is an intern housing and residential life services provider in Washington DC. WISH has hosted students and college groups for over 20 years in furnished, students-only buildings in the historic District on a semester basis. The marketing intern plans, produces and implements marketing strategies, including…

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