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A Letter from the Editor

By Martha Warrington|June 16, 2014

This summer, I am interning in Washington D.C., working for a totally stimulating, dense and important magazine nobody’s ever heard of. While I could spend my time here in DC fetching coffee and waiting for “the system” to notice me, instead, I, Martha Warrington, choose to embrace a piece of advice my personal hero bestowed…

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5 Bizarre Things You’ll Deal with as an Intern Abroad

By Eleanor Rose|December 9, 2014

I was born in Portland, OR, and to be honest, even I experienced slight culture shock when I got to DC.  Something about the lack of hemp products or organic coffee shops, maybe.  But if I were from another country (Portland might be another country, to be honest), I can only assume things would be…

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How to Fake Expensive Taste on an Intern Budget

By Jacqueline Kay|December 2, 2014

There’s nothing more disappointing than going over your monthly expenditures only to discover that the wine and cheese affair you were planning for the Holidays just isn’t financially feasible. Interns aren’t known for bringing home large paychecks.  Even I, who indirectly works for someone who indirectly works for Ruth Bater-Ginsburg, find my pocket book woefully…

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Paying for Grad School

By Georgia Warrington|November 11, 2014

So you’ve decided that Grad School is right for you! Fantastic.  What isn’t so fantastic? Obviously, the price.  If you aren’t the kind of student whose parents can pay for grad school (or will pay for grad school), don’t worry – you’re far from alone. Here are 4 strategies you might not have thought of…

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6 Incredible Packing Hacks

By Ed Woodward|December 16, 2014

Woodward here.  After being beat down by my so-called editor, I am begrudgingly presenting this puff-piece on careful packing in lieu of the meticulously researched expose I wrote on the Toronto Maple Leaves.  For those interested in the undeniable link between Canada’s professional sports program and the KGB, my investigation on the so-called “hockey team”…

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Things to do

WISH Newsletter: Things to Do| December

By Woody Wilson|December 4, 2014

WISH Career Night December 2, 6:00pm “How to Keep Your Momentum Going Beyond Your Current Internship” An informative panel of former WISH interns and young professionals discuss ways to make the most of your DC experiences and to continue benefitting from your DC internship after the fall’s end. Free, RSVP interns@internsdc.com WISH Classroom on Capitol…

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Gratitude and Motivation

By Chelsea Evara|November 25, 2014

It’s a bittersweet fact of life that nothing lasts forever.  Including your internship.  If you love it, you’re sad to see it coming to an end.  If you don’t love it…well… Listen up!  This Holiday season, it’s time to reflect on the positive and give thanks for the blessings in disguise that come along with our work…

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WISH Career Night Panel: Tuesday, December 2nd

By Billy J. Clanton|November 20, 2014

“How to Keep Your Momentum Going Beyond Your Current Internship” Tuesday, December 2nd at 6:00PM ***Pizza at 6:00, Event starts at 6:30pm*** RSVP Required: Please RSVP to Interns@InternsDC.com Where: WISH Classroom on Capitol Hill What:  An informative panel of former interns and young professionals discuss ways to make the most of your DC experiences and…

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November Things to Do

By Hillary Kawahara|November 14, 2014

WISH Newsletter: November Things to Do WISH Policy Salon: “US Foreign Policy in Transition” November 19, 6:30pm Presented by Shelton Williams, Director, The Osgood Center for International Studies. Dr. Williams has worked in education and government, including a tour of duty in the Department of State under Secretary of State Madeline Albright in which he…

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